Most women prefer c-section when it comes to delivering babies, and over the years, the percentage of c-section deliveries has been on a rise. However, in cases where women have kids when they are older or owing to infertility treatments, a c-section looks like the easier option. However, WHO recently said that c-section can prove to be risky sometimes for both the mother and the baby. However, many would still prefer a c-section because their va—nas would stay the same.

If you plan on getting a c-section, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind.

(1) Many women do want to give birth vag-nally but due to some complications, they will have no option but to go with a c-section. Therefore in such a scenario, a c-section is safer.

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(2) Just because c-section is commonly preferred, it doesn’t make it fully safe, there are a lot of risks associated with it.

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(3) Before the procedure is being carried on, you will be injected with anaesthesia such as a spinal block, which will numb your body below the waistline. This means you will very much be awake but not feel any pain during the process.

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(4) Babies born out of c-section are not colonized with their mother’s intestinal microbes that might or might not impact their health in the long run.

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(5) Vag-nal deliveries are more painful but the recovery time is much lesser than that of someone who delivers a baby through a c-section.

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(6) After you have delivered babies through c-section, you will have to bear with intense pa-n, and every movement will h-rt your body.

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(7) The parts of your body recovering after childbirth are similar to that of a vag-nal delivery.

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(8) The s-car on your lower abdomen will not completely go even if you had your plastic surgeon try his best to cover that up.

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(9) Just because you delivered your first baby through a c-section doesn’t mean you should even have your second baby through the same process.

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(10) However, if you have multiple c-sections, there are high chances of health-based risks which will affect you.

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(11) Just because someone gave birth to their child through a c-section doesn’t make them any less of a mother.

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