17 Time Where People Got Caught Staring


The vast majority of the occasions, we need people to know how we feel. However, as we as a whole know, it’s not generally conceivable or wanted. Now and again, communicating our feelings can rather place us in off-kilter circumstances. Particularly when we are found gazing at somebody and a picture taker turns out to be near.

These photos have clearly made these people wish that they weren’t caught staring the way they were:


Public display of affection

“Men will be men”, they said.

It’s too late now

That moment, when it’s about your shoes

Mis-timed turn around

Beckham Busted

Babysitter Chronicles

Look At The Camera

The Presidential Stare

Wish I Could Have Those!

Say Cheese

Hello, Angelina Jolie

Surprise! Surprise John Kerry

That Time Diddy Got

Focus, Bro

This is how people reacted to this post:

Shiny DarkraiThe one with the kid staring at the girls back is funnier hahaahahahahaha

Dylan Gerber“We’re you just walking around the beach talking pictures of all the girls”

dude cxnothing wrong with staring but if it starts to be a lil too much and its right in your face or disrupting you, not cool dudes and chicks.

RiftyTheir is no problem going window shopping from time to time. It’s when you start getting handsy is when you can get into some real trouble.

Nate MarsI look often. If you’re putting it on display in public you obviously want it looked at. No pics though, that’s creepy.


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