31 Clothing Fails That Weren’t Noticed Until It Was Too Late

Fashion is an abstract subject, and for many of us, it is a representation of who we are. Now that we have a lot of free time to spend at home, we all try and organize our wa-rdrobe and might as well experiment with new fashion trends. In such a context, you might find fashion fails as something you would want to spend your time on.

Although there have been many over the years, a few ones are unmissable because they would make your heads turn and give them a second look. Here are a few designs fails, that would make you laugh, and it will take some time before you can unsee them.

1 A mini skirt with a Sauron design might sound cool but what looks funny is where the eye of the Sauron was placed.

Image Credit: rebelsmarket.com

2 These pair of socks with a design of fake feet prints are sure to grab your attention.

Image Credit: electrolytebitch

3 This royal blue dress caught the attention of many people after the back zip looked like it was stuck on the body.

Image Credit: Creditubaldejason

4 This knee-length skirt would have looked pretty if not for the print below which made it look like it was stained.

Image Credit: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To
Be Shared

5 This t-shirt with the tagline – “Never do your best, quit” caught a lot of attention, and well it is not a very good motivational line.

Image Credit: nifflermoon

6 This man in New York wore a shirt that was printed with pictures of his child and was seen strolling around the streets of NYC.

Image Credit: sarayewo

7 This Japanese designer’s pants that looked like they had bloodstains at the right spot made heads turn.

Image Credit: seventhheaven

8 This woman was seen swimming with what looked like a long brown gown.

Image Credit: mrriousz

9 This little kid was seen wearing a sweatshirt with the words d-u-m-b written on it.

Image Credit: MartynC65

10 This man was seen wearing a shirt that made it look wrong and funny from all sides.

Image Credit: Patpatnotstar

11 This picture of a girl wearing an oversized shirt looked good until she had her hands up because of the print.

Image Credit: kawaigirl

12 This viral picture of a shirt that was designed for an orchestra looked like the members were going to play at a fun eral.

Image Credit: Anon20306699

13 This man was seen wearing crocs with a chain that was attached to his pants. Looks like he was on an m-d-max mode.

Image Credit: ghosted_

14 This woman was seen wearing a skirt that looked stained from the back. Although it was the design, people thought that supermarkets were out of toilet paper.

Image Credit: djcubedmofo

15 This funny picture of a shirt with the Eiffel tower in the background and ‘New York’ and ‘Sweden’ printed over it grabbed a lot of attention.

Image Credit: damla_is_cringey

16 This girl was seen wearing a boot that looked like she got hooves.

Image Credit: jakewithar

17 This grandma wore her favourite pink Bahamas t-shirt with a jacket. Although she might not have noticed, it grabbed a lot of attention. Thanks to the jacket, that made the print look funny.

Image Credit: rtowne

18 This one restaurant outlet gave their employees uniform that reads ‘click.pick.delivered.’

Image Credit: sovietmetalhead

19 This man was seen wearing a yellow shirt which read ‘real men wear black.’

Image Credit: ahmadswalihck

20 You wouldn’t believe that someone paid $907 for sweat pants that make you’re a—look nak-d.

Image Credit: zoofashions.com

21 This retail store in Thailand probably misspelt supreme as spe rm on a shirt.

Image Credit: GirlBart

22 This sweater with a tiny zip in the front was exclusively made, for sweater lovers during summers.

Image Credit: miyagawadai

23 This dress worn by a woman looked funny when she sat because of the way it was positioned.

Image Credit: Gundarian

24 The designer of this t-shirt probably had something in mind when he created a design that he thought looked like a puppy but, that’s the last thing anyone would understand of the designer.

Image Credit: Big_Jamal_AMA

25 A t-shirt that read ‘ADORPTION two letters that can save a life’ made netizens wonder if it was written in German.

Image Credit: Tire236

26 This father got a very cool t-shirt from a nursing home. Although everyone loved the quote, there would barely be anyone who would want to wear them.

Image Credit: dontwanttomakeslime

27 Some designers might have forgotten that women have their periods while designing a pant that looked stained throughout.

Image Credit: nordstromrack.com

28 This pair of heels decorated with hundreds of googly eyes will make you laugh.

Image Credit: Jameel88

29 This picture of a man wearing a shirt that read, ‘there is a name for people without beard – WOMEN’ when he didn’t have a beard himself.

Image Credit: DeanSonOfDave

30 This quote on a shirt read – ‘I’d rather be r-ping with daddy.’ Well no!

Image Credit: slicehix

31 This model wore a dress that had a slit in the wrong places.



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