About Us

Pinhits began with the simple idea: what we choose to focus on is what we grow in our lives, and in the world. This is our effort to spread some awesome inspiration from real-life stories, personal opinions, and thoughts, to you and those who seek or need it. Every inspirational letter that we receive is published to our site (www.pinhits.me) and to our social media community with the information of the author included. If you are interested to share your thoughts or quotations just send them to us and we will share a photo with your quotation included. If you are interested to share your personal story with us, please try to write in a proper way. We know that people do get inspiration not only from a nice subject but also from something that is well-written too. So, to avoid your article getting rejected by our post-editors, just follow these two instructions mentioned. For any more details, you can contact us at contact [email protected].