Actress, Stacey Dash’s Husband Jeffrey Marty Claims He Was Hypnotized Into Marrying Her 10 Days After They Met; Wants The Marriage Annulled – Video

Was Stacey Dash duped her now-ex-husband, Jeffrey Marty, into marrying her? Court records quoted by a tabloid provide a hazy picture of the scenario at best. Gossip C-op looks into the claim to discover whether there’s any truth behind it.

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According to court records obtained by the National Enquirer this week, Jeffrey Marty charge Stacey Dash of “tricking him into marrying her.” Marty al-leged in papers that Dash’s pastor used “hypnotic prayer tactics” on him, leading to the annulment of the Clueless actress’ fourth marriage. Marty an attorney, claimed, “[He] uttered several ‘prophetic’ messages over my life, including declaring that I was somehow ready to serve the Lord from that moment forward.” The pastor of Ms. Dash then invited me to pray with him while looking at his face in a strange and captivating way.

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Marty also characterized the pastor as a “cult leader” who urged that he and Dash “must be spiritually and legally wedded.” Various evil powers will ruin our then-existing special bond if the pair did not “follow his supposed prophecy.” Marty and Dash were engaged in April 2018 as a consequence of what he claimed “religious dishonesty and inducement” in his annulment request. The couple had barely known one other for ten days before the wedding, according to Page Six.

The marriage barely lasted approximately a year and a half before it ended.

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Dash was seized in September 2019 on an claim of do-mestic as-sault against Marty. The claims were dismissed once Marty released Dash on bond, but the da-mage had already been done to the relationship, and Dash filed for di-vorce nine months after the event. She reported the date of the sp-lit as October 1, 2019, which was a day after Dash’s ar-rest. The annulment was granted, thus ending the marriage and making it as if it had never happened.

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Dash doesn’t reject Marty’s memory of the events leading up to the couple’s fa-tal wedding, but she also doesn’t confess to arranging them.

There’s no proof that Dash planned a situation to “trick” Marty into marrying him. We don’t think it’s surprising that the Enquirer exaggerates acc-usations in order to promote a juicy headline. It’s a strategy we’ve seen before from a dubious supermarket publication, especially when it comes to high-profile failed marriages or rumors of di-vorce. This is the same publication that incorrectly stated Barbra Streisand was “blindsided” by James Brolin’s di-vorce decree.

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The tabloid’s story obscured the fact that the “di-vorce papers” referred to by the source were apparently from Brolin’s first marriage, which ended in 1984, years before Streisand and Brolin met. More recently, the publication said that Kelly Clarkson was considering leaving The Voice because of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s links to her former husband. The narrative was also fake, which may explain why we have a hard time believing the gossip mag’s stories.


Sam The crazy ones are fun in the beginning but things get real the first time you see them in demon mode.

Antony Mythbusters proved YEARS ago that you CANNOT be hypnotized into doing something you don’t really want to do.

Shaun Many men and women are hypnotized by beauty and are surprised when they discover beauty alone does not make a relationship worthwhile for the long term.

Cruzan Stacy Dash was damn near 30 when she played in that movie Clueless. She was fine

Jannelle Her husband wasn’t hypnotized he was just heavily influenced. A Man with boundaries,a steel backbone,very experienced with life & women & wise will always make the best decisions for himself & never be influenced by outside forces. Stacy Dash knew she had a Grown educated Pliable Male with no boundaries,weak minded,she could bend & bre-ak him,she could easily influence him he’ll never give her any push back.



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