Amber Heard Breaks Down Describing Johnny Depp S-x-ually A-ssau-lting Her With A Glass Bottle – Video

On Thursday, Amber Heard in her testimony against Johnny Depp spoke about a claimed argument in which she professed to be physically thump with a liq-uor bottle by Depp. During the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” recording, the former couple spent time together in Australia. She claims that he started physically affecting him with her almost instantly, pointing out many of the claimed quarrels between them in the initial days there.

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During one argument regarding his drinking, Amber explained that Depp was distress her to take a bottle out of his hands. When she did get it out of his hands, she said she pound it on the ground. It really set him off, like a lightbulb switch went off. She further explained that he then began to throw bottles at her and during that time,” had a broken bottle up against my face-neck area.” He said he’d ” crave up my face,” as per Amber.

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Amber said before she knew she was on her back on a counter, her nightgown was snatch off by him. She indicated that he began to pierce her with a glass bottle. “He said he would end me. ‘I’ll end you.’ He said it to me over and over again. He said, ‘I’ll finish you,” she said. “Johnny had the bottle inside of me and was pushing it inside of me over and over again.” However, Amber is not sure how the situation ended, she only recollected that she was in the bathroom, throwing up and watching red on the floor. She sustained wounds on her feet and fi- rearms, and defect across her jaw.

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The next day, when she woke up she saw writing in red and paint all over the walls of the house, and then she saw Johnny’s hand was wrapped. He told her, “Look what you made me do, I did this for you,” however, she doesn’t have any memory of anything happening to his hand. Amber said, before he again began to howl, they called security.

She said that when security reached the scene, “Depp unzipped his pants and began wee-wee, or trying to wee-wee outside of the house, saying he had more messages for me.” She added that his security people came out to laugh it off.

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She left and soon claimed that Depp called her when she was on her way to the airport, they were crying on the phone. She said, “He asked if he had carry out it, he was asking, is it done, is this over, did we exterminate it, did I exterminate it, that sort of thing.” She continued, “I felt shattered like my heart was unsteady, I didn’t know what to do. I thought maybe if I left him in Australia, I thought something would happen to him. I thought he might succumb or eliminate himself, that certainly seemed like the trajectory he was on.”

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Her charges is ongoing. Johnny is aiming for $50 million in ravages after Amber charge she was a survivor of family bitterness in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018. However, she didn’t write the name of Depp in the article, but his attorneys argue it was indicated about him which ultimately affected his career. She countersued Depp for $100 million. The same article appeared in The Sun which made him lose an earlier case he took in the UK.



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