Beloved Dental Assistant Surprised With $20k At Work – Video

An employee appreciation video has gone viral. The video shows a Texas dentist receiving $20,000 from her employers to mark 20 years on the job. Sophia Teel was surprised by the Orthodontists Mike Nelson and Ron Risinger of Beaumont, Texas with $1,000 for every year as she was about to complete her 20 years with their office. And that video was shared online multiple times across different platforms, engaging millions of views.

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One Twitter user commented: “This is the kinda employee appreciation we wanna see!! I love it. Congrats to her.” Sharing her experience with ‘Good Morning America’, Teel said she was in complete surprise. She also explained that when she was entering the room, she was like: “I was thinking, ‘Good grief, I got a month left before 20 years. I know I’m not getting fired.”

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In 2002, Teel began her career as an intern at Risinger & Nelson Orthodontic Specialists. And soon she received a position which she’s loved since that time. She stated, “This is a perfect position.” “Kids are getting braces on to love their smile, to get more confidence. Usually, in the end, they’re very happy. So this is a fun job,” she explained.

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According to GMA Dr. Nelson informs them that Teel plays a vital role in building confidence and assurance while making patients comfortable when they visit us. While praising Sophia, Dr. Nelson said, “She is a great example of someone who just brings joy and happiness to the office every day.”

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And Dr. Risinger shared that he and Dr. Nelson always try to appreciate employees’ huge milestones in exciting ways and similarly they planned to do something special for the practice’s first 20 years of completion, especially when they came to know that Sophia is set to close on her first home soon. Dr. Risinger shared that Teel for them is not only an employee but also a family friend and they consider themselves fortunate enough to have her. He also calculates that they might have spent around 40,000 hours with each other. He also attributes her for their office growing to the size that it is now.

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With that Nelson added that they want things to be done for the team in a fun way while reflecting their greatness which they gave us all these years in the office. Risinger also hopes that he and Nelson will continue to pay it in the future, and he will be happier to do something like this again for Sophia in the next 20 years.

Sophia while reacting to the appreciation she received said, “I am grateful and it’s an awesome feeling to be appreciated in such a manner and the whole world knows that you’re appreciated.”



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