Carmelo Anthony is dissolving his marriage of 11 years and it's possible that it's because he's embroiled in another controversy. LaLa Anthony filed legal papers for separation according to PEOPLE magazine, after ending her relationship with Melo due to "intractable disagreements."

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Shortly after LaLa's revelation, a lady came forward and told Hollywood Unlocked that Carmelo had made her pregnant after he and his wife had reunited. Carmelo flew her out to London to maintain the marriage a secret when she became pregnant, but then deserted her just after babies were born, according to the lady.

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"To prevent a squabble, they both decided that she would travel out to London to give birth to the babies, with the understanding that he would visit her after his season was done. Carmelo recommended making the babies British citizens while the two were thinking out what they were going to do, the lady claimed. She said that she expected him to say that because it's difficult to alter birth records and she knew she'd want his last name on it soon. She said that she went ahead and did so, but that she instantly regretted her decision since she realized it was the wrong one.

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The infants were born in April, two months early, and were preterm! They are still in the hospital, unfortunately, since they are required to be there until her due date, which was set for mid-June. (Premature newborns are prone to this.) However, the mom revealed that her son had brain abnormalities and was deficient in oxygen, necessitating treatment. The treatment took place earlier this month, and she attempted to contact Carmelo when physicians informed her that her son was not conscious. She claims, however, that Carmelo never responded.

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According to the woman, she chose to go out about her relationship with Anthony because she wants him to be involved in the lives of the children. She claims she realizes she's been "carrying a big lie" and it's been tearing her up inside, which is why she's speaking out now.

She has kept her children a secret from her family and close friends, and she has repeatedly denied pregnancy rumors in order to protect Carmelo and his family. He has given her a place to stay and some money, but she claims it isn't enough for her children, who want to know who their father is.

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"I realize where I went wrong in the scenario, and I really should have never let it get so far, but I don't really want my children to suffer."

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She even stated that she is willing to communicate with LaLa, but that she does not believe she would give her the chance to do so. Carmelo and his wife LaLa had previously been apart for over two years when Carmelo supposedly became impregnated by a dancer.

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