When we hear the term in WooCommerce Shortcode. We assume it is a technical concept of the plugins that allows you to create high-customized sales pages, and it is an incredible sales funnel to build a powerful site in any situation. because the shortcode that we use in the WooCommerce platform allows us to build code that performs a specific action on your site.


What are shortcodes in WooCommerce?


Shortcode in the WooCommerce platform is a tiny piece of code that performs an action on our site to add special content almost anywhere on the site. it does not require any technical coding knowledge. It easily adds dynamic content and functionality to our website. Make it easy to manage and customize your own store with the help of these shortcodes. 


When we use the shortcode in Woocommerce there are various types of tools that increase the functionality of Woocommerce stores-


1. Simple shortcodes 


As the name suggests simple code is the simple form of use shortcodes. this form only includes shortcodes with small brackets .simple shortcodes also add an image gallery to a post or page but there is no way to specify which gallery to add.


2. Shortcodes with parameters 


WooCommerce cart Shortcodes have various parameters that you can use in specific settings for functions that measure the image and sort the gallery being embedded to specify the parameter. this is the reason why all images in the gallery are sorted in descending order according to the date they have published.


3. Shortcodes with content


To add some additional functionality we can use shortcodes for wrapping the content in a particular manner and justify the need for shortcodes and manage it according to the source of the parameter and pull it in WooCommmerce.


How the WooCommerce Shortcodes Work 

Shortcodes in WooCommerce are just to program function, nothing else. They work to apply the function while loading the web page. When we come to the main point we find out there are lots of WooCommerce product grids shortcodes available in the market to add additional functionality to the different shop pages to load them. And this is the reason why shortcodes help to increase the workload time to running the WooCommerce platform. In the different manure and create the new checkout page by using the simple shortcode tool to create the template and build the workload.


There is a list of All WooCommerce Shortcodes-


1. Cart 


In WooCommerce when we create a cart page to boost its shopping Cart functionality. WooCommerce cart shortcode is used on the cart page that displays the cart content such as item detail and shipping etc. it also shows the coupon codes and some other cart-related features.


2. Checkout 


The WooCommerce checkout page gives the checkout functionality to our customer 

And display the checkout process on the checkout page of our online store. In other words when the WooCommerce shortcode page displayed all the checkout information of the user that was using the Full- width page template.


3. Order-taking form 


When WooCommerce orders tracking page shortcodes are used to display the order tracking page. it allows the user to check the status of an order by entering the required details in the field. And justify the need of the user. To experience the customer feedback we have to provide the major information of shipping details and the firm of interest.


4. My Account 


In WooCommerce when we place an order to update any information in the custom template to create an account in a different manner to combine the firm of shortcodes 


If you’re looking for a way to simplify the shopping experience can do this using WooCommerce shortcodes. They can help you ameliorate copping stoner overflows and optimize your online store for transformations.


For illustration, you can use WooCommerce shortcodes to


  1. Display a list of your top-rated products on your homepage.
  2. Show affiliated products whenever a client expresses an interest in a product.
  3. Highlight featured products in Gutenberg blocks, sidebars, and other widgetized areas.


With this in mind, in this complete companion, we’ll explain how you can use WooCommerce shortcodes to deliver better stoner guests and grow your nethermost line. Along the way, we’ll also explain when( and why) you should use each shortcode. We will look at the shortcodes that come with WooCommerce itself, and shortcodes that you can add with other plugins.


WooCommerce is moving down from shortcodes( but they’re still important)


While understanding WooCommerce shortcodes is still important for getting the most from your store, it’s worth noting that the WooCommerce platoon is trying to move down from shortcodes in favor of blocks.


Since the launch of the block editor( AKA Gutenberg) in WordPress5.0, WooCommerce has been sluggishly but surely creating devoted blocks for a lot of the functionality that you could preliminarily only access through shortcodes.


Numerous of these blocks are now available in the core WooCommerceplugin.However, the sanctioned WooCommerce Blocks plugin gives you access to all the blocks that WooCommerce is experimenting with, If you want indeed more options.


But Still, in this firm we classified the need for a custom link the WooCommerce block system still isn’t as comprehensive as the shortcodes, so understanding WooCommerce shortcodes is still important.


Plus, if your point still uses the Classic TinyMCE editor, you’ll need to calculate on shortcodes as WooCommerce blocks don’t work with the Classic editor.



So when we take about shortcodes there are various ways to enhance our online store to structure them. because of the need for the WooCommerce that they use in the major production manner and the combination of shortcodes.


But principally, We can't change the basic productivity of the WooCommerce shortcodes within another shortcode typically. still, you're suitable to do this just by using the Product Table shortcode of WooCommerce to list all the products online. After that, you can add the other shortcodes to the fields that you're showcasing within the product table.


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