It makes perfect sense to use the services of flight agents to book flights. You can expect several benefits such as ease, convenience, comfort, etc.

Ease of clicking of an easy-to-use website or just a call to make your bookings. Comfort from the hassle of scrolling hundreds of websites suggesting you hundreds of different options and ultimately being utterly confused.

If you are looking for convenient flight timings, layovers, seats or convenient hotel bookings within economic rates, then you must definitely opt for a reliant agent such as Business Flight Shop.

Who is a Travel agent or business flight agent?

A travel agency specializes in providing travel-related services to customers. These services can include making travel arrangements such as booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and tours. They also offer additional services such as travel insurance, visa processing, and travel advice.

Some travel agencies specialize in certain types of travel, such as luxury or adventure travel, while others may focus on serving specific demographics, such as business travellers or retirees. In general, travel agencies work to make travel planning easier and more convenient for their clients.

Business flight agents can help companies and business travellers by providing a range of services that make it easier to plan and book business travel.

These are some areas, where business flight agents can help you:

Cost savings: Business flight agents can help companies save money on business travel by negotiating with airlines, hotels, and other travel providers to get the best possible rates. They can also provide advice on ways to reduce travel costs, such as by booking flights in advance or choosing a more cost-effective travel option.

Time-saving: Business flight agents can save time for companies and business travellers by handling all aspects of travel planning and booking. This includes finding the best flight options, booking accommodations, arranging ground transportation, and managing travel itineraries. While booking business class flights, Bali or any other flight, the layover time will also be minimised.

Personalized service: Business flight agents can provide personalized service to meet the specific needs of companies and business travellers. This includes understanding the preferences and requirements of individual travellers. This may be providing their preferred airlines or hotel chains, and even food preferences. They create tailored travel solutions.

Assistance with travel disruptions: Business flight agents can provide assistance in case of travel disruptions, such as flight cancellations or delays. They can help rebook flights, find alternative travel options, and provide support to ensure that business travellers arrive at their destination on time on first/business class flights.

Overall, business flight agents can be a valuable resource for companies and business travellers by providing cost savings, time savings, personalized service, and assistance with travel disruptions.

Someone rightly told- “Travel advisors have taken on a much more complex role - part psychologist, life coach, executive producer, concierge, fixer, dream maker, and offer multitude of services.”

It's important to choose a reputable and reliable travel agent to ensure that you get the best possible service and value for your money.

Look for these qualities in a travel agent

  • Expertise: This is one quality that sets apart travel facilitators (such as Business Flight Shop), due to their several years of experience. At any particular destination, a good travel advisor will know the best hotel around. Not only that, they know which hotel is best for you, within your budget.
  • They remember your food preferences. They also make sure that your accommodation is not too far from the business site. They will book a hotel with good Wi-Fi connectivity because they understand that a good internet is indispensable for a business traveller.
  • Emergencies are best dealt with, by travel facilitators. Plenty of events disrupt flights, cruises, trains, and destinations.Travel agents are the safety net when things go wrong. They make sure that you suffer minimum losses, if a flight has to be cancelled. For last minute bookings too, agents will provide discounts. Agents deal with postponements or preponing flights very smoothly.
  • Advice, tips and tricks: Agents who have tips and tricks up their sleeves are popular. Because this makes a trip thrilling, irrespective of whether it’s a personal leisure trip, or a business trip.
  • They will advise you what to do if you are offloaded a plane or which clothes you must carry or which are essential first-aid should be with you. They will also inform you how to avoid being cheated. They will advise you about budget travel. They will remind you to carry vaccination certificates too.
  • Travel agents must be widely travelled. This makes them knowledgeable about any destination in details. They will tell you what to do or not to do in any particular place to make your trip successful or even enjoyable.
  • They will also tell you which food is a must-try or even which activity is a must-try. They can help you decide, where you should shop for souvenirs in those destinations.
  • A good travel agent must be approachable. They are polite. They listen to your requirements and plan your itinerary suitably. They are patient even if you change your plans. If you require a longer layout or an early morning flight, they will book it accordingly. They are available at all times. Suppose, you want to book business class flights to America. And you want a long stop over at Morocco for some work. The travel agent will book an interconnecting flight which has a stop-over of more than 18 hours.
  • They must be reliable. An agency which has been in the industry for several years is a reliable one. Also, check whether the agency is registered with any association which will give you financial protection. ATOL, Travellers Trust Association, etc. are few of these.
  • Extras Travel agents have this wonderful quality of making you feel relaxed. You get more than you expect for the same price. You will receive a good deal. They will make you feel liberated from the immense pressure of choosing the ‘best’ resort or some off-beat places and activities. Travel agents can help you to avail airline discounts, codes, and coupons.
  • Time-saving and cost-effective Booking with travel agents are often cheaper than booking online as they have access to awesome money-saving deals. Besides, it saves time and a lot of confusion (translated to energy).

Better Trips! At the end of the day, it boils down to having a great trip. Remember and cherish it throughout your life. Having a top travel agent certainly will save you time and hassle, and money.


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