Eleven People Tell How They Caught Their Partner Ch-eating.

When you have been in a long-term relationship, the biggest fe-r is about your partner being faithful. In today’s time, technology has made it easier to get caught. Here are a few stories where people talk about how they caught their partner ch-ating.

1. This girl kept talking about her new boyfriend who lived in another city to her friend. She mentioned the name which was the same name as the guy her friend dated. The friend being curious, asked the girl if she could show a picture of her boyfriend, and then turns out, both the girls were dating the same guy. Later it was found that the guy was also dating four others at the same time.

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2. This man figured the initial change in his girl’s behaviour, and one day he was browsing through the computer and an email id he didn’t recognize, and he installed a keylogger and found the information and took a print of the same. When he confronted her, she didn’t agree. Eventually, she accepted and offered him an open marriage but he declined.

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3. This man who had his car repossessed was given rides by his girlfriend. One day when he was getting ready, she happened to open her phone, and the chat was open but they never looked familiar. Later she found out, that he was trying to woo this woman and even asked her to move in with him. The girl then texts the other woman asking about the guy and turns out she didn’t know he already had another girlfriend.

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4. This man che-ted on his girlfriend with her childhood best friend after a house party and later blamed his girlfriend for having left him alone with another woman when he was tipsy.

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5. This girl never believed any rumours that claimed that her boyfriend was che-ting on her until she decided to log in to his Facebook account and check it for herself. She found out that he not only was che-ting on her but also got another woman pregnant.

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6. This man installed the Find my Friends app to track his girlfriend after he was doubtful about her being unfaithful, and turns out he found her located at a new place/ on reaching the place, he saw her cuddling her boss, and that’s when he decided to call her boss’ wife and tell her. Eventually, the marriage bro-ke, his girlfriend was f-red, and the company that was co-owned by the boss and wife was dissolved.

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7. This woman found her husband on her after she took his phone to respond to someone who wanted to buy his old smartphone online. To her surprise, she happened to see the chats and found out.

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8. This girl found her boyfriend ch-at on her after he posted about it on his Reddit account. On confrontation, he admitted to having done it.

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9. A 5-year-old girl told her dad about seeing her mom with another man on top of her, and the father was initially stunned but then he knew his daughter wasn’t ly-ing.

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10. This man wanted to come home early from work, and despite calling his girlfriend and leaving multiple texts, she wasn’t responding. He was concerned and sped home to find that she was sleeping with someone else, and he didn’t even make an effort to confront her. He left a note on the dining table along with the promise ring and left.

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11. This woman couldn’t believe that her husband ch-ated on her until she figured he had given her an STD. They were childhood sweethearts, and yet he managed to let her down. On confronting, he admitted to having ch-ated.

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