Our interiors are filled with furniture and decoration. Some deserve great attention in their choice and purchase. From the living room to the bedroom, including the kitchen and small decorative elements, Homary experts go from room to room to prepare the best furniture and decoration buying guides for you.

Bedroom buying tips and guides

In the bedroom, there are several pieces of furniture and decorative elements that are not necessarily easy to choose. Homary experts have therefore decided to help you by concocting comprehensive buying guides.

First, let's zoom in on bedding and look at what type of mattress is best for you. Depending on your needs and expectations, it can be latex, foam... To complete, find out how to choose a good mattress adapted to your morphology, your habits and your weight.

Also learn even more about the new bedroom trend: the boxspring bed. How to choose it? How to adopt it? Why opt for this concept? Our article tells you everything.

In addition, on the decorative side, we have prepared a DIY for you to build and dress a fireplace mantle. Finally, still in the advice that mixes creativity and well-thought-out purchases, you can learn how to make a homemade dressing table according to several styles offered (design, Scandinavian, etc.).

Choosing the right furniture and decor for the living room

The sofa is probably the centerpiece of the living room. Whether placed in the center, in a corner or against a wall, it is the one that attracts attention and welcomes you every day. Although we appreciate it with style and in the desired colors, it is important that it is comfortable. This is why we have written an article to help you choose your sofa.

To go even further and better understand the characteristics of this piece of furniture, we also explain to you what is the ideal density of a comfortable sofa. Still for your living room, you will find a guide to low chairs with our selection of items.

Our home decor buying guides

The decoration is manifested by different elements more or less essential for your interior.

The mirror is a little extra that comes to dress your walls and enlarge your room. It is intended to be small, large, medium, square, round and all possible colors. To choose the perfect mirror for your room, check out our mirror shopping guide.

Our decoration tips for an easier choice

Both online and in store, too many options can make your choice difficult. When it comes to interior decorating, you probably need some advice to get your bearings. Buying guides from Homary.com are here to lead you to the best options.

On the kitchen side, they have concocted guides to help you choose your red wine glasses but also choose your white wine glasses. To present them well and welcome your guests, also discover our guide to choosing the ideal dining table for your stay. Remember to bring a bottle cooler to serve them chilled wine and champagne.

Head to the bedroom where this time, our experts will explain how to choose your duvet. Between size and material, you have all the necessary advice to spend sweet nights. Your children also have a right to comfort. That's why we help you choose the ideal children's mattress.

Our buying guides and tips for your interior design

Useful tips for decorating

Whether it's to beautify your decoration or help you with your small renovations, all our tips can be useful to you! For example, if you are wondering what a mattress topper is for, our experts will answer your question.

But that's not all ! They have prepared various guides for you: find our shopping guide for your lighting as well as tips for choosing designer lampshades and lamps for all the rooms in your interior. Do you prefer a light garland ? No problem, all our advice is accessible! Between its choice and its layout, decorate your interior in an original and warm way. Your garden also deserves to be lit. This is why we have prepared a special guide to solar lamps for your garden.

For a natural and tropical atmosphere in your home, have shelves for plants! They know how to highlight them without depriving them of light. For a more tangy atmosphere and optimal storage, candy boxes are certainly made for you! They put color in your cupboards and even display on your sideboard or worktop. Dress your table with an elegant tablecloth to highlight them or to give a chic look to your stay.

Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock! It's time to move on to choosing your wall clock! This small decorative object makes all the difference and comes to dress your walls with different styles. Just like the wall paint, the choice of which can be difficult.

Trendy and timeless armchairs chosen with care

We have also prepared a series of guides for the different types of wheelchairs. If you like the elegance of the 1950s, we have prepared our tips and selections dedicated to cocktail chairs. Then, if you are looking for a beautiful, timeless piece of design to put in your living room, read our article on the butterfly chair. Also called the BKF chair, this minimalist yet robust armchair will add character to your room.

Guides also made of little tips for your furnishing

The renovations go through the decoration but also through the furnishings. If you're in the mood for a change, it might be time to check out our sofa bed guide. Very useful for welcoming your guests, they are also the centerpiece of your living room. Next, discover all our tips for setting up a living room library. Something to showcase your books and decorative objects. Finally, to perfect your living room, take inspiration from the armchair trends which are still relevant.

Need to optimize your space? Then turn to folding furniture ! They know how to be useful and practical. In the bedroom, opt for a chic vintage bedside table to bring a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

Want a Zen atmosphere for your interior? The French Company of the Orient and China is likely to seduce you. Our experts have taken advantage of its 50 years to investigate the brand and deliver their opinion.

Finally, our experts do not only focus on interior decoration. They know how to be versatile and curious. Moreover, they went looking for many ideas to choose your cell phone accessories. Very useful on a daily basis, they have also compiled a list of the best applications to have on your phone.


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