His Daughter Made Him Wings To Keep Him Safe, And A Good Dad Always Wears His Daughter’s Wings

In A Heartwarming Incident, This Daughter Makes Wings For Her Father To Keep Him Safe And Just Like A Good Father, He Wears The Wings Everyday Not often do we come across stories that make our hearts expl-ode out of love and make us go ‘aww.’ But this story is sure to make your hearts go we-ak.

Image Credit: Municipalidad

When a little girl found out what her father does for a living, she knew he needed to be safe. Her father used to climb tall ladders to fix power lines, and she decided to do something to make sure her father was safe. The little girl made wings for her father because she thought by wearing them nothing would happen to him.

Image Credit: Aruca

She made her father promise her that he would wear those wings whenever he was at work, and just like a good father would have done, he agreed to do so. He wears those wings every day while at work and someone happened to click a picture of the same and posted it online.

Image Credit: Bright Side

The story went viral in no time and garnered many likes and comments. People applauded the little girl for her innocence, and no doubt, nothing is purer in the world than a child’s heart.



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