Outlook is among the most widely used email clients among enterprise customers. However, users occasionally encounter the issue of duplicate communications in their Microsoft Outlook account. Nevertheless, duplicate emails result in the inbox and other folders containing the same message more than once. This issue can manifest at any time while using any version of this desktop-based email client, causing users to experience an odd and irritating inconvenience. For instance, it initiates a space issue in the Outlook inbox, which ultimately leads to corruption. Consequently, the user must resolve this issue completely and immediately. This article will therefore cover the process of eliminating duplicate emails from Outlook in 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Additionally, it informs users of the causes and repercussions of duplicate Outlook emails.


Reasons for Duplicate Emails in the 2016 MS Outlook

There are multiple potential causes for the occurrence of duplicate emails in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. A few examples are provided below:

•    When the "Leave Messages on the Server" option is enabled in the "Account Setting" of Outlook, this causes the creation of duplicates of a single email.
•    Outlook may generate duplicate messages if there is an issue with synchronizing multiple devices.
•    Replicated emails may occasionally be the result of the anti-virus software that has been implemented on the system.
•    Setting the Inbox update frequency to an extremely brief interval may also lead to the occurrence of duplicate emails.

Outlook's duplicate email issue can be inconvenient in a variety of ways. Consider the potential consequence that may ensue as a result of the duplicate Outlook email.

Impacts of Duplicate Emails on the 2016 Outlook

Duplicate email correspondence can give rise to various complications. To begin with, it occupies an excessive amount of space. As a result, the functionality of Microsoft Outlook is compromised and its efficacy is slowed. Due to duplicate emails, the PST file size continues to grow excessively large, which can result in Outlook data corruption and loss. Additionally, duplicate messages in the inbox cause considerable user perplexity.

There exist various approaches that can be employed to address this issue. It is crucial, however, to identify the source of replication to implement the precise method. The approaches may be classified into two categories: manual methods and professional methods.

Delete Duplicate Outlook Emails Manually In 2016 And Later Versions.

A user may employ various manual methods to eliminate duplicate messages and contacts in Outlook 2016 and earlier versions. Each of these methods is detailed below:

Manual Step 1: Configuration of Outlook

Confirm that the Microsoft Outlook configuration does not contain any perplexing settings that could result in duplicate emails.

Manual Step 2: Fix the Timing of Inbox Updates

By a significant margin, the inbox update frequency must be configured. Now, to accomplish the same, proceed as follows:

•    Launch the Outlook program and select the Send/Receive icon.
•    Select the Define Send or Receive Groups option at this time.
•    Set "Schedule an automatic send/receive every" to a value between 15 and 30 minutes thereafter.

Manual Step 3: Employ the Built-In Spotlight Clean-up Utility

To address the issue of duplicate emails, Microsoft Outlook includes built-in functionalities. Nevertheless, this clean-up utility is renowned for its efficacy in eliminating this issue. Follow these steps to proceed with the procedure for removing duplicate emails in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 for free:

•    Commence by launching Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your local machine.
•    Select the Inbox folder that contains duplicate messages at this time.
•    Then, select the Clean Up option from the Home menu. An array of alternatives will manifest as a drop-down menu. The selection between them is predicated on the cause of email replication.
•    To eliminate redundant emails from a specific folder, choose the Clean-up Folder option.
•    To eliminate duplicates from both folders and sub-folders, select Clean up Folder and Sub-folders.
• To relocate and remove redundant email messages from the discourse, choose the Clean-up Conversation option.
•    Once this phase is complete, right-click the Deleted Items folder. Then, choose the Empty Folder option to permanently delete the duplicate messages.

Manual Step 4: Change Anti-Virus Settings

The duplicate emails may be the result of the system's antivirus software. Therefore, determine the method for disabling the email protection module in the antivirus software and do so. Delay until Outlook completes a cycle of sending and receiving messages to determine whether the issue has been permanently resolved.

A Sophisticated Method for Eliminating Duplicate Emails from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

There is a potential for these manual procedures to malfunction or the user to be unable to execute them for whatever reason. In such circumstances, alternative approaches exist that can alleviate the user from this predicament. GainTools Outlook Duplicate Remover is a remarkable piece of software that efficiently eliminates duplicate emails from the inbox in bulk. It can eliminate the issues associated with duplicate calendars, contacts, journals, assignments, and notes, in addition to emails. This program is capable of operating without issue on PST files of any size. The ability to remove multiple PST files in bulk is an additional benefit of utilizing this software.


Benefits of the use of GainTools Outlook Duplicate Remover

  • Removes reproduction emails fast and easily.
  • Remove the Duplicate all gadgets of Microsoft.
  • Offers more than one scanning modes.
  • Allows you to preview reproduction emails earlier than removing them.
  • Provides unique facts approximately replica emails.
  • Supports all MS Outlook variations.
  • Remove the Duplicate all Items of the PST files which include e mail, contacts, calendar, notes, and many others.

Final Words

Whenever redundant emails and contacts manifest in various versions of Outlook, the application's performance is unquestionably hampered. Presently, a multitude of methods exist to surmount this vexing and perplexing dilemma. This article detailed the manual and third-party processes for removing duplicate emails from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. The aforementioned manual methods contain procedures for eliminating duplicate communications. Nonetheless, the execution of the approaches could potentially be rendered unfeasible due to various factors. Therefore, in order to eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook 2016 and earlier iterations in a more streamlined and practical manner, a third-party tool may also be utilized.


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