I Surprised My Man By Putting A Positive Pregnancy Test In His Waffles – He’s Disgusted, I Don’t Understand Why – Video

In a TikTok video, a lady tried to surprise her spouse with a positive pregnancy test, but her plan failed when he didn’t enjoy discovering the test under the waffles he was eating. Due to widespread understanding that pregnancy tests operate by identifying hormones in a person’s u-rine, the TikTok user had concealed it there and was recording his response, which ended up to be rather negative.

He didn’t seem to eat any of the bottom waffle which was where the test was placed, but he was nonetheless upset that his dinner had been ruined by the most unappealing surprise imaginable.

Image credit: Oh_yeah_itsrobbies2/TikTok

Despite the unfavorable attitude, the TikTok user, whose name appears to be Robbie, continued to publish the video, saying that she is “very upset” over his inappropriate response. She explains in the video that she took a “drop pregnancy test,” which is a type of test that just requires a few drops of pee on a piece of paper to ascertain whether or not you’re expecting, rather than submerging the whole stick in the stream.

Image credit: Oh_yeah_itsrobbies2/TikTok

Regardless, her companion and many TikTok commentators were appalled by the concept that anything exposed to pee, even a few drips, came into close contact with the meal that the guy was literally trying to consume. We can only hope that if he had started eating the bottom waffle before spotting the pink pregnancy test below, she would have intervened. The fact that the waffles appeared to be overdone may have rescued him, with the man inquiring why they’re so tough as he attempts to cut them with his plastic cutlery. He’s perplexed when he actually realizes the pink stick, and things only get worse from there.

Image credit: Oh_yeah_itsrobbies2/TikTok

He says, “What is that?” “How does it appear?” Robbie asks back. “How come it’s in my food?” he wonders. Robbie is delighted by his response and the look of absolute disdain on his face, but her companion is not. He gets to the bottom of the situation after establishing that it is certainly a positive pregnancy test.

Image credit: Oh_yeah_itsrobbies2/TikTok

“However, why did you muck up my food with that?” he wonders. Robbie complains to the fact that he appears uninterested in the pregnancy, but her partner makes an excellent argument. He says, “Bro, it’s u-rine on there.” “It’s not pee,” says the narrator. Robbie answers, “It’s the drop sort.” Her partner adds, “It’s u*rine that goes in there.” Robbie ac*uses him of spoiling the surprise and, apparently, the footage, but he was too furious because she destroyed his waffles.

Image credit: Oh_yeah_itsrobbies2/TikTok

The majority of TikTok commentators sided with the man, claiming that it was just unclean and that a pregnancy test could have been placed under absolutely anything that isn’t supposed to be eaten. The top remark says, “I’d be furious if I got pissy waffles too.” “That’s disgusting, baby.” Another responder stated, “Period.” “I’d be unhappy as well, and I’m a woman.”



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