Johnny Depp Says He Would Lock Himself In The Bathroom To Escape Amber Heard – Video

During their relationship, Johnny Depp was so disturbed by Amber Heard that he would isolate himself in restrooms to flee the “endless parade” of taunts and ill treatment, which included his finger being s-ver and cig-arettes being wh-acked in his face. But, according to what Depp’s ex-wife claims, the Hollywood actor told a crowded court in northern Virginia that his numerous disagreements with his now ex-wife would never lead to his sm-acking her.

Depp offered jurors a thorough and sobering look into his tense relationship with Heard as he testified for the second day in his own defamation trial. Depp also claimed that bottles were hur*led at him and that his medicine was withheld when he was trying to detoxify himself from the addiction to the substances.

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After Depp’s lawyer spoke to Heard about the necessity for a post-nuptial settlement, the court heard the two had a furious altercation that spiralled into “madness and pandemonium.” He told the court, “The property that they had hired for me in Australia was a bit of a maze with a lot of rooms.” “I guess I ended up shutting myself in about nine bedrooms and bathrooms because she was pounding on doors, hurling insults, and intimidating to h-rm me.” Depp said he walked downstairs to a pub and ordered himself sh-ts of vodka after being clean over several months because “I was a wreck” when it seemed Heard had finally gone.

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Heard tracked him down and began yelling at him again, snatching the bottle off him and to-ssing it at his head, he claimed. He fetched a bigger bottle from behind the bar and poured himself another sh-t after it crashed behind him. “She was hurling insults at me left, right, and centre, and then she took the glass and tossed it at me,” Depp testified in court. “It collided and shattered everywhere.” At the beginning, I didn’t notice any discomfort. I was in no discomfort at all. I felt heat… as though something was flowing down my palm, and then I glanced down and saw that my fingertip had been ch–ped.”

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“I’ve never had a complete meltdown before, but that was the nearest I’ve ever come.” Nothing made complete sense, and I realized in my heart and mind that this wasn’t real life. This is something that no one should have to go through.” Depp is su-ing Heard for defamation two years after losing a similar case in London, she affected his character when she spoke about ab-se in a 2018 Washington Post opinion article, claiming she had become the “public figure symbolising spousal viol–ce.”

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While the piece does not identify Depp by name, his attorneys say that it alludes to charges brought against him by Heard when the pair separated in 2016. Depp, who was terminated from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise just days after the op-ed was written, claimed that the article ruined his professional reputation. He has filed a case against his ex-wife for $US50 million. In retaliation, Heard, who has denied in-juring Depp, is su-ing him for defamation for $US100 million after his lawyer dismissed her charges as a fraud.

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The six-week trial is likely to feature billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk as well as actors James Franco, Ellen Barkin, Jason Momoa, and Paul Bettany as witnesses. Because the Washington Post’s web servers are situated in Fairfax County, roughly 15 miles from Washington DC, the event is being held there. Spectators, many of whom are Depp fans, have gone to the Fairfax County Courthouse every day to get a sight of the couple, with some lingering in the cold for hours to receive a wristband ensuring access into the trial courtroom, which has a capacity of only 100 persons, including the press. Despite this, his evidence has been gripping, pulling away from the layers of a bad relationship that erupted openly some years ago when the couple parted ways and Heard filed a court injunction against him.



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