Johnny Depp’s Manager Claims He Would’ve Made $22.5M for ‘Pirates 6’ – Video

“Pirates of the Caribbean” movie actor was planning to make a boatload of money, which apparently never happened. According to his rep. an important figure could prove his destruction. Depp’s former agent and current talent manager, Jack Whigham, stood for him as Depp’s legal team proceeded to move out bystanders on their client’s behalf.

During the questioning session, Jack alleviated some points on what he believes Amber Heard’s case had cost Johnny.

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According to Jack’s statement, in his mind, Depp lost his role in the willful 6th installment of ‘Pirates’ which he argues would’ve earned JD a massive $22.5 million. For now, it’s worth noting that at the time of cross-examination. The former agent also admitted that the apparent contract was NOT something he’d gotten in the document yet — which Amber’s crew caught onto – however, he clarified that’s not the way the business should go on.

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Jack asserted these kinds of conversations with high-level actors and big studios — particularly as it correlates to licenses are often had on an oral communication first and described that studios generally signal what an actor can anticipate for the next step, speculating one to occur. So, in this topic, Jack claims that “Pirates 6” was supposed to happen with Depp as the main character for sure.

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However, all this came to a squeaking stalemate after Amber’s unusual activity. Johnny su-ed Amber for around $50 million in destruction. It seems like the $22.5 million which he said he missed out on makes up a good piece of that. However, it’s the judge who will decide.



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