Johnny Depp’s Team Calls Amber Heard’s Testimony ‘Performance Of Her Life’ – Video

Johnny Depp’s legal team is trying every way possible to prove that Amber Heard’s testimonials are false — claiming it’s nothing but the best performance of her life.

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According to TMZ, Depp’s representative informed them that their prediction at the time of opening testimonies has now become materialized as Amber Heard has now prepared to give the performance of her life in this case.

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They also stated that their forecast was absolutely right. They claimed her stories of maltreatment have taken a new way with “new and beneficial details” with time.

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On the other hand, they stated Depp’s, “remembrance has stayed exactly the same throughout all these six tough years since her initial testimonies were made.”

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The spokesperson also disclosed that the upcoming cross-examination from Depp’s team will be informed as his lawyers zero in on insisted inconsistencies in her stories. As it is already in the spotlight, Amber recapped day 2 of her testimony, where she spoke about him calling her a “nagging B” and a “c***.”

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Heard also claimed that when they were in Australia Depp entered her with a l-quor bottle. Amber also claimed that he had cautioned her multiple times to exterminate her.

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She professes that he said he’d end her life if she ever humiliated him in front of his kids again.



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