There is a common saying that goes, where there is a will, there is a way, and who knows that better than this young man from Cameroon. Throughout the years, Patrickson did odd jobs to reach where he is today. He used to work as a night watchman at oil vessels and today is the CEO of his own oil and gas company.

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He said that he put in all his efforts and even worked on improving his academics. He also had a lot of debt and paid it all off. He also wanted to contribute something to his country Cameroon.

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Today Patrickson is the CEO of Source Rock - the first local Cameroonian firm to run a gas plant without any professional assistance. He took to LinkedIn to post about his success and told people who read his post to not give up.

Image credit: Linkedin

Another website recently published about another young woman who started her venture named Blu Space communications, which aims to bridge the gap between governmental/corporate entities and local entrepreneurs. Stories like this are indeed very motivating and encourage one to not give up.

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