Mom Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy, But Then Doctor Sees Chart To Notice A Coincidence Of 1 In 48 Million – Video

Very often, we come across unique stories that leave us surprised. Here is one such story of a suburban family where the birth of their grandson carried forth a stunning tradition that left everyone including the doctors and the family stunned.

YouTube – CBS Chicago

Krysten Moreno gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy on February 6 and named him Aiden.

YouTube – CBS Chicago

While everyone was happy and celebrating his birth, the doctors noticed something that happens to one in 48 Million.

YouTube – CBS Chicago

Baby Aiden, his mom Krysten and his grandmother Nadine shared the same birth dates.

YouTube – CBS Chicago

When Dr. Diane Leonard came across the coincidence she was very excited and informed the family about it.

YouTube – CBS Chicago

Nadine and Krysten were so thrilled, and they had a grand birthday celebration along with the nurses and the doctors at the hospital.

In a conversation with CBS Chicago, Krysten said that she stole her birthday from her mother and her son st-ole it from her so she looked at it as a payback. However, Aiden’s grandma Nadine said that she thinks it’s meant to be and not any coincidence.



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