Mo-urning Mom Sells Stillborn Baby’s Crib For $2: A Week Later, Buyer Returns It Transformed – Video

Valerie Watts’s joy knew no bounds when she realized she was pregnant. She was feeling out of the world and all excited to meet her baby. Just like any other parents-to-be would have done, she brought the baby, a crib, and clothes.

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Her pregnancy was developing well, and then suddenly, everything changed. The baby wasn’t moving much, and his umbilical cord became pinched in the womb, and his life ended even before it started.

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Watts couldn’t get over his demise. The crib reminded her of the tr-agedy every time she saw it, and yet she wasn’t ready to part with the crib. Gerald Kumpula, who lived a few miles away, owned a workshop on the outskirts of Cokato.

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When he spotted the crib in the Watts family garage sale, he wanted to buy it although, it wasn’t put up on sale. Kumpula’s wife saw some baby clothes in the garage and asked Watts how old her son was, and she told her that he had leave this world.

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Watts hesitantly then agreed to sell the crib at $2. Kumpulas knew that the crib belonged to the family, and they wanted to return it.

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They made a bench out of the crib and sent it back to Watts. Valerie Watts couldn’t hold back her tears. While the bench might remind Watts of the sad times, it also is a symbol of comfort for the mo-urning parents.


Mallard what a beautiful, kind and compassionate man to do this for woman. The world needs more of this type of person. God Bless these families. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I’m sure that this woman will find so much peace and healing sitting on that special bench that was made with love! I’m so sorry for her loss.

Teresa That was amazing that he did that for that lady I’m so sorry about your baby Noah . That’s a great idea for the old cribs

Mike Gerald you’re a good man by doing that honoring somebody’s unborn baby making it into a bench just br-eaks my heart how that young mother lose their child

Lexi Beautiful gift! As a mom of 2 stillborn angel babies I can understand her pain.

Alison RIP Noah written in the crib.. The people who bought it made a bench out of it and gave to the previous owner it back.



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