‘My Adoptive Mother Told Me She No Longer Wanted Me When She Had Her Own Children. They Ab-an-doned Me On The Streets.’: Gay Adoptee Becomes Advocate After Enduring Ab-use In Foster Care, Transracial Adoption

Karlos Dillard was born in the city of Detroit. His father was a dr-ug dealer, while his mother stayed at home to take care of him and his three siblings. His father was eventually detain for possession of narcotize, and with nobody to pay the bills, his mother took over the business and became a narcotize dealer.

Once his mom took over the business, she would often be away on business tours leaving Karlos’s older sister to take care of the kids. Most often, they would go to bed hungry. With no electricity, life became hard for the kids. Eventually, the kids were even mistreat by the men their mother dated.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

Because his mother was involved with narcotize, the CPS in the state of Michigan, ordered for the kids to be evacuated to a safer place. Karlos said that on the day they were to be evacuated, the cop broke into their house and pointed armer at the kids. He was afraid for his life but he didn’t lose his life but was then put into foster care – something that Karlos said was worse than loosing life. Karlos was put in 30 different foster homes, and he couldn’t stay for long at any of the places because of the foster parental mistreat.

There were times when some parents stopped fostering him because they didn’t know how to react to his behaviour because he was subject to childhood wound.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

So when nobody was willing to take Karlos in, he was put in group homes where he said kids were treated more like convict. When he was 8 years old, Karlos tried to jump in front of a van because he was tired of living but then the van avoided him, and he was sent to avail psychological treatment. But through all of this, somewhere within, Karlos was hopeful that things would change someday but he never knew when that ‘someday’ would come. When he was 11, he was adopted by a white couple. His adoptive mother suffered from infertility, and she would often get annoy when Karlos couldn’t live up to her expectations.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

Another issue was that his adoptive parents were very religious and did not like Karlos coming out as ‘gay.’ They did everything they could to convert his se-uality. They treated him like a servant who was supposed to do all the household chores while their biological kids didn’t have to face any of it. When he was 15, his adoptive mother told him that she couldn’t take care of him anymore, and he was neglected on the streets.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

He was hurt because he couldn’t accept that someone who chose to love him would have done such a thing. Karlos immediately started staying in with different friends each day and eventually became a suffer of s-x traffi-king. He was hoping all this pain would end and wondered how much more he could take in. He kept trying and finally got his GED and attended college, where he met his now-husband, Kristopher. With the help of his partner, he was able to reunite with his biological family.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

His mother apologized to him when asked why she put him to foster care. Eventually, they put their past behind them and made many memories together. They even went on a vacation to Disneyland. Just a while later, Karlos lost his mom and sister in an fortuitous. Because he was legally still adopted, he had no access to end-of-life plans for his mom and sister and yet had to pay for most of the fu-n-eral. Karlos then authored a book named ‘ Wards of the State: A Memoir of Foster Care.

Courtesy of Karlos Dillard

‘ In the book, he wrote about his experiences. Today he works as an advocate and educates foster parents and social workers to deal with adoptive kids. He even said that families and parents should always listen to their children’s cries for help and take care of them instead of leave them. Karlos said that although life wasn’t fair to him, he would want to try his little bit to save any other child, who might be going through a similar fate.

Courtesy By Brady Harvey.


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