Now People Are Claiming Amber Heard Did Co-ke On The Stand During Her Trial – Video

For people who are not married yet, witnessing, and listening to stories of unhealthy relationships, separation proceedings will likely create questions and ultimately step down the aisle. And if you take interest in watching a celebrity separation case, well, then, you may expect more drama than their scripted films. And while Johnny Depp’s vilification case against his former Amber Heard isn’t an ordinary separation case, viewers are taking interest more than anticipation as they are getting to know a bunch of personal secrets about the former couple.

And those secrets are causing people to believe Amber was sniffing nose candy while on the stand during questioning.

But why do viewers believe so?

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Erin Falati, a former personal nurse who attended to Amber, submitted a video about her experiences with the actress of Aquaman, along with issues she faced. According to Erin, Amber informed her that she ba-ttled with “bipolar ataxia, ADHD, codependency, and insomnia” while being married to Depp.

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In her testimony, Erin shared: “I have a generalized memory of there being … envious and uneasiness conditions, including mistrust within the relationship. I have a vague sense of those issues popping up throughout the years, but I wouldn’t say that was a constant theme.” She also explained in her testimony that Amber was conditioned to both nose candy and consumed 1-3 glasses of red wi-ne a day. She continues to disclose that Amber admitted to being high for a day at Coachella in 2016 while having a cocktail of strong na-rcotics.

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Erin wrote, “Client admits to prohibited elixir use during the trip — ingested mushrooms and MDMA simultaneously and also consumed b–ze and said she was high for 24 hours straight.” And according to the nurse, this character she may have inherited from her parents. As per the Post, she wrote: “[Heard] reports [a] familial history of dipsomania. Both mother and father have been ill-treated and become dependent on stimulants (m-thamphetamine), op-iates, and b–ze.” So, maybe it’s because of this information that now a video is getting viral of Amber on the stand.

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There’s talk among some people on the internet that Amber had come inside of her tissue while on the stand and was sniffing it in between questioning and acting to wipe her nose during bits of what viewers called “forced” bawling. Whereas some have indicated that keeping it in a napkin is maybe a wrong decision. And obviously, there is no evidence that any of this is correct.

However, the “Talented Mr. Ripley’ assertion about Amber Heard is not true.

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Many secrets have been circulated about the Aquaman actress including “histrionics” while testifying in the vilification case, with many declaring that the information from Amber’s statements was brought straight from works of art.

Nonetheless, according to Snopes, Amber took a line straight from Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in The Talented Mr. Ripley is not true. Amber didn’t deliver a dialogue from the movie in a court statement, and the message from her “testimony” which is being circulated on the internet is not correct.



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