Ohio Dad Uses Limo To Shuttle Kids To School Amid Bus Driver Shortage – Video

An ambitious father found a luxurious solution to the bus driver’s scarcity. However, his solution wasn’t celebrated by the local school council, as he uses a limo to drop the students to school. Sean Rogers Jr. is receiving the kids to drop them to school from central Ohio. Rogers later described “Everybody is so surprised.

Like, who is this guy pulling up in a limo or whatever? He added, everyone was wondering who was in the backseat.

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Rogers decided to do something when his child missed school one day as there were no buses that day. So, he borrowed a car from his dad’s limousine service and got going. He also elaborated by saying, “You know, everybody always wants to say, ‘Oh, let’s, let’s help the community. Let’s stop this vi-olence,’ and all this type of stuff. Well, I feel like a big step of stopping the vi-olence is part of getting kids to school instead of letting them skip school and go out here and get into trouble,” Rogers said.

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One day he took 25 students to school, then on another day he took 42, many of these kids were from his hometown. Rogers shared that a little girl made him emotional, she was weeping as she had missed school for almost a week due to transportation. The little girl was weeping with joy that now she can go to school. One child’s parent said, “He’s a blessing. He is a blessing.” “That’s helpful. Helps a lot of kids out,” they added.

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Parents shared their difficulty, they had no option. The buses don’t show up early in the morning and they don’t come at night. One parent added, they say that they didn’t have any driver for our kids to make it to school. All these bus driver issues caused a serious problem for kids across the nation, however, in Central Ohio, Columbus City schools said that 15-20% of the neighborhood’s drivers canceled nearly every day this week, administrators said at a school board meeting.

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Talisa Dixon, superintendent of Columbus City Schools, conveyed, “Our team is also endorsing at the government level for estimates that will enable us to provide better conveyance assistance. This includes the use of vans and additional certification opportunities for trainees.” Meanwhile, parents are grateful that Rogers showed up with his limo, the school district is not in favor, While parents are thankful the limo driver has stepped up, the school district is not, pinpointing that the limo is not accepted for student transportation.



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