Parents Refuse To Abort ‘Deformed’ Baby, Show That Love Really Can Conquer All – Video

Sara Heller, 26, of Omaha, Nebraska was 24 weeks pregnant when she found that her child will be born with bilat-eral cleft lip and pal-ate. She and her partner Chris Eidam, 30, decided to go ahead with Sara’s pregnancy. Sara and Chris decided to share their story and their son’s story on social media so that others will know the child’s condition.

A young mother has shared the touching story about the moment a total stranger wrote her a check to help her baby boy with a cleft palate.

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Sara would regularly upload the images of her son, Brody, on social media. Brody’s images would get many comments, sometimes kind and sometimes the comments were not in good taste. One day, a stranger commented on the little child’s picture that was hur-tful to read. The comment read, “What’s wrong with his face?’ The comment came just one day before New Year’s Eve. She was sad to read the comment and deleted it as she did not know how to respond to such comments. Sara tried to ignore the comment and she carried on with her day.

Image credit: Instagram/ saheller

After some time, Sara went out for dinner with Brody and her friends. While Sara was having dinner, a server came up to her and gave her a folded napkin. When she opened the napkin, she found a check for $1000. The kind-hearted stranger wrote, “For the beautiful baby.” Speaking to Sara said, “Tears fell from my eyes immediately and the happiness my heartfelt is indescribable.”

Image credit: Instagram/ saheller

Sara and her family decided to use the funds for Brody’s health costs and a few days later he was oper-ated for his lips. The check that Sara had received at the restaurant had the name and address of the kind stranger. Sara sent a thank you note and pictures of Brody’s progress to the stranger. Brody is due for another procedure when he is between 9 to 12 months of age.

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Brody has the support of his loving family and of people who are kind enough to come forward and offer help. The kind gesture of the stranger has restored Sara’s belief in empathy and compassion. Sara says; “Being Brody’s parent has taught me that people care. Strangers all over the country want to hear his story, and they want to pray for him.”


Loren What a beautiful boy. My cleft baby just turned 36 years. He’s ALWAYS been happy & healthy. A true gift from God.

Debra You did the absolute right thing. My Hubby was born with the same issue and is now 65 and has lead a normal life.

Linda You have a beautiful baby regardless of his deformities , you did the right thing letting him be born and given the chance to grow and learn . Best wishes for you all .

Judith Thank God for kind people like the lady who gave the family a check to help with Brody’s medical bills. He is a precious little boy and very cute! May God bless Brody with a happy and healthy life!

Meadow Thank you to the parents, They knew he was going to face opticals but it didn’t matter cause they already loved him. I am so glad to hear that this family is doing well

Wendy What a sweet and adorable baby. His joy shone out so clearly from behind his cleft palate it was such a testimony of his parents’ love for him.



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