Serena Williams’ Daughter Channels The Tennis Icon With Beaded Braids. Nike Dedicates A Building To Serena Williams On Their Corporate Campus. – Video

What a sweetheart! Olympia Williams, Serena Williams’ daughter, donned her mother’s distinctive haircut on a trip to what seemed to be Disneyland. The 4-year-old shared a snapshot of herself on her Instagram account. Olympia stands in front of Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog with her hand on her heart. The 4-year-old had the opportunity to meet a real-life counterpart of one of her favourite animated characters.

Olympia is, in fact, costumed like a Disney princess for the event.

Image credit: Instagram/ olympiaohanian

The tips of Williams’ daughter’s loose braids are topped with pastel pink, yellow, and turquoise stones. This hairstyle recalls the braided hairstyles worn by Serena and Venus Williams on tennis courts during the 1990s and 2000s. The tennis players were among the only Blck women to play at such a high level in tennis. Their appearance on the court and characteristic haircut provided much-needed symbolism to Back girls and women all across the world, according to many.

Image credit: Instagram/ olympiaohanian

The haircut was so significant that it was featured in King Richard, a film about the Williams sisters’ youth and domination on the court. Carla Farmer, the set’s main hairstylist, told Allure that recreating their iconic appearance from the tennis court required over 200 beads.

Image credit: Instagram/ olympiaohanian

Olympia’s charm has a lot of followers on Instagram. “Olympia is a princess unto herself.” “She’s so lovely,” one person said. “She acts as though I’m the actual princess here,” one person commented. Some admirers are ecstatic that Olympia can see herself reflected in Princess Tiana, Disney’s one and only black queen. One participant stated, “Depiction Matters.”

Image credit: Instagram/ olympiaohanian

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Olympia possessed all of the qualities that her mother possessed. Like her mother, she is destined to become renowned and have a large following. Serena’s level of affection and respect is tremendous, and it should be a source of pride for all Americans. Serena Williams was recently honoured by Nike by dedicating a one-million-square-foot facility at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. She said on Instagram that having a building at Nike was a childhood ambition of hers.

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“I visited the Nike campus when I was a youngster, and I witnessed that athletes got buildings,” she posted to her 14.6 million Instagram followers. “I knew I wanted two things after that visit: to be a Nike athlete and to own a building.” Isn’t it incredible? Y’all, I have a BUILDING!!! “This is insane!!!” The Serena Williams Building, which contains a 140-seat theatre named after her daughter Olympia, is the biggest on Nike’s campus. Nike stated in a statement that the new area will bring together the company’s innovation, research, and product management team.

The threefold structure of the building is influenced by Williams’ magnificence and refers to the goddess Nike’s wings. Nike’s dedication to supporting athletes is exemplified through the Serena Williams Tower.

Image credit: Instagram/ olympiaohanian

“The entire facility takes your breath away,” Williams said in a statement released by Nike. “Everything you come across is a chance to be motivated. I believe that this structure inspires individuals to be their best selves and to dream greater than they ever imagined.” According to the company, the attractive architecture was also built to be immensely beneficial. In a news statement, Nike’s chief design officer, John Hoke, stated, “Building has traditionally been an artistic engine for Nike.” “This building represents Serena’s legacy as a force for good change as a reflection of shape and structure following footprint.”



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