Seven Warning Signs You’re Physically And Emotionally Exhausted And Don’t Even Realize It.

Emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being, and if one doesn’t take care of their emotional well-being, it can disguise itself into something else which would not be easier to tackle Here are seven signs you are not doing well emotionally and need help.

(1) Everyday emotions consume you, even small ones

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If you reach a point where everything starts getting to you, and you can’t get it off your mind, it is high time you find the courage to see what is in the underneath.

(2) You are hyper-sensitive

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This does not mean you overreact to anything and everything. It means that you know you are at a peak point and one more thing you won’t be able to take it in. Instead of using your energy to control things, you need to find out what causes such a reaction it could be because there are certain important things that you are not focusing on.

(3) You feel a deep sense of Hopelessness

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You put yourself at a phase where you think your future looks dimmer, although it may not be true. This is not anything to do with your future, it’s just your way of acknowledging the emotions present within you.

(4) You find it difficult to move forward

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You often run out of motivation and a will to do things you once used to enjoy doing. You don’t always have answers to your questions. In such situations, take one thing at a time. Ask yourself what you need and meet those needs.

(5) You’re s-cared of being t-riggered

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This clearly shows that you have a low degree of emotional control. What you have to do is to start working your way back from the place it all began.

(6) You’re either too expressive about your feelings, or not expressive enough

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You have extreme responses. Either you acknowledge your feelings, or you stay keep quiet. One good way to deal with this is by spending alone time and journaling.

(7) You’re ready for a change

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Regardless of whatever you feel, deep inside, you know you need a change, and that you can’t continue forward as the same person. You need to honour yourself and meet yourself where you are at. Good things are waiting for you on the other side.



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