Soccer Star Sadio Mané Beautifully Explains His Approach To Sharing His Exceptional Wealth – Video

The 28-year-old Senegalese player for Liverpool is largely regarded as one of the kindest individuals in the game. He’s been known to assist dump stuff from the team’s van, bring presents to surprise spectators and ball boys, and even clean restrooms at a nearby church after a major game. He’s also recognized for contributing a huge proportion of his $14 million a year pay as a professional player, particularly to his native village in Senegal.

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The viral post that drew the attention of many featured Mané holding a daaged iPhone and a comment from him outlining his attitude to money. (The comment was not in answer to the question about the brken iPhone, but it makes for a great image.) According to, in a conversation with a Ghanaian newspaper, Mané stated:

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“What makes me desire 10 Ferraris, twenty diamond watches, or two planes?” What will these items accomplish for myself and the world? I was hungry and had to labor in the field; I endured difficult days, played soccer barefoot, did not have schooling, and many other things, but now I can help my folks with what I make through football. I built institutions and a stadium, and we distribute clothing, shoes, and food to individuals in great poverty. Furthermore, I offer 70 euros each month to every resident in a very impoverished part of Senegal, which helps their family’s livelihood. I don’t need to show off luxurious vehicles, mansions, trips, or even airplanes. I would rather that my folks receive some proportion of what life has given to me.

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He’s serious about it. Mané has also financed the construction of a health centre, which he sponsored because his father leave this world while Mané was a toddler due to the lack of a health center in their community. He also traveled to Senegal on holiday last summer to check on the progress of a university he is constructing in his hometown of Bambali.

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Mané’s attitude about his riches, as well as his decision to use his money to benefit others, are both encouraging. Of course, people are allowed to spend their hard earned money anyway they see fit, and Mané is no exception. But he makes an effort to remain modest. In a society with such extremities of poverty and luxury, witnessing someone actively aim to balance the numbers does the heart good. Consider a world in which every millionaire or billionaire is as removed from materialistic things and as charitable with what they have as Sadio Mané. While people are not accountable for human welfare, consider how much good they could accomplish. Thank you for being such an inspiring role model, Sadio Mané.



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