Stevie Wonder Fuels Conspiracy ‘He’s Not Blind’ After Being Caught Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla Driving Using ‘Autopilot’ Feature

Singer Stevie Wonder is an icon for a lot of reason. The multi-instrumentalist, multi-octave multi award winner is truly an anomaly in every sense of the world. One a child protege, Wonder has gone on to pave the road from many of superstars who have followed in his footsteps and have influenced by his trajectory.

From Michael Jackson to Prince, Usher, Justin Timberlake and many more. All of his accomplishments are made the more amazing by the fact that the singer is blind. In the age of twitter however, people have begun forming conspiracy theories that the singer may in fact no be blind, and have used videos of interactions with the star over the years and that seem to show him very aware of his surroundings in a way most blind people would not be.

Shaq weighed in on these conspiracy theories in a hilarious podcast episode back in 2019. On an installment of Inside the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal added fuel to the “Stevie Isn’t Blind” rumors with an admittedly pretty outstanding story about the legendary singer “seeing” him come out of an elevator.

In the clip he recalls getting on the elevator in the building they both live in. Stevie gets on and without any previous indication of who was on it says “whats up Shaq?” and presses the button to his floor.

Vice even did a documentary recalling incidents where Wonder appeared to be able to see. One instant includes him catching a mic stand knocked over my Paul McCartney during a White House performance in 2010. Paul enthusiastically walks across the crowded stage knocking over a mic stand. Stevie without warning reaches over and catches the stand before it falls. The video also shows off a handful of pictures of Stevie wonder taking pictures. In one picture he can be seen holding a camera up to his eye to snap a picture of Michael Jackson. They also showed pictures of Stevie posing for selfies apparently “looking” at the phone.

He also attends “too many basketball games” according to the narrator. He also told Donald Glover he’s a huge fan of Atlanta, which apparently he loves to watch. They concluded with a hilarious story of Stevie walking up to Boy George at a party and playfully chocking him. Boy George wondered how did Stevie know exactly where to place his hands? Well conspiracy theories have a new reason to believe the legend is in fact able to see. He was recently photographed driving a Tesla! While the vehicle does have a self drive mode, the image is still very odd, with Stevie behind the wheel smiling and appearing to look ahead at the road.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Tiera YvnY’all really underestimate what the blind can do. My mom is legally blind and went to school for blind in Chicago. The things they learn to do on their own is amazing.

So much technology and tools that help them be independent. Plus other senses are heightened exponentially.

Shannon Shayshay Stevie Wonder has a great sense of humor and is a prankster! I have listened to Steve Harvey and Micheal Jackson tell stories about him getting them and i was lmao! Stevie Wonder is just funny period and has a good sense of humor about his blindness.

Pam HurdC’mon man!! When I seen him in concert someone had to help him to the stage and to his instruments. He almost tripped over his bongos.

Antoine BrearleyMatthews – Yall my sister is blind and i guess yall would freak at this shit she can do and i know for a fact shes blind Brittany Brearley oh look i tagged her on Social media oh look i tagged her on Social media and shes gonna read this with her devices they make for assisting blind people yall truly dont realize how far technology has come brit you see this and the reasons they think this im just wowd poor man having to defend himself over some junk cause people dont educate themselves

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