Sylvester Stallone’s Evolution: From 7 To 71 Years Old – Video


Sylvester Stallone is not for everyone however you cannot deny his path from Hells Kitchen NY to a seat of extreme power in Hollywood. Sly is a critically acclaimed actor, director, and writer, and his films have been enjoyed by audiences for over thirty years. Stallone began his acting career in the early seventies with smaller roles, but Rocky went down in cinematic history.

He wrote and starred in Rocky the story of an underdog boxer which set up one of the most lucrative film franchises of all time. He was also a founding member the of the Planet Hollywood franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. We’ve created a timeline of the star from his humble beginnings, New York to where he is today as a 71 year old father and super star.

Age 7

Age 14

Age 18

Age 24

Age 25

Age 28

Age 31 

Age 35

Age 37

Age 38

Age 41

Age 46

Age 57

Age 69

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Maria Patsali: “Happy Birthday Sylvester !!! We love you !!!WE are appreciated and respectful because we see your movies !!! Thank you sylvester !!!”

Madhurjya Das: “Idk why but Paul McCartney, Al Pacino, Billy Joel and Sylvester Stallone all look kinda same as if they were from the same bloodline hahaa.”

Carl Morrow: “Sly had a very rough start in life, he was poor, sleeping on train seats, wasn’t known at all, then when he did rocky, he was famous and became rich”

King of Baja: “sen rambosun abi ne gerek var yüze estetiğe. biz seni ağzı kayık olarak bildik ve öyle sevdik. delicesine.”

Linda Irwin: “Love his movies. I have all of them. He looks absolutely amazing. The older he got, the better he looked. So happy to see that he is still married to his wife and has 3 beautiful daughters. I am extremely sorry for the loss of his son. He is an extremely talented writer and director which a lot of people don’t realize as well as actor. God bless him and his family. I hope he keeps making movies for many more years.”

JONREP VLOGS: “Yes, 80’s and 90’s kids are awesome, All the transitions in life from Oldies to New modern Technology we are experiencing now.

W e are still alive and best stories to tell and share to the new generations. Hug me if you agree and long live to all!!!.”

M B: “Lol me watching: foucuses on the evolution of his perfect nose change from straight and pointed to wide and rounded from living rough and getting it beaten up.”

jrmaddu1: “A lot of these ages are off since they usually film movies 1-2 years before they come out, but still amazing shape for his age”

red alis: “Great man…..humble, positive…..great actor, writer, director…… he’s far away from politicians, living life and doing his job”

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