Shopping with kids may be a nightmare or a smooth sail for parents. It is true with any typing of shopping with kids. Leaving the kid at home may not always be an option for parents, especially mothers. We need to admit the fact that kids and shopping usually never go together. Even an experienced mom with more kids finds it hard to feel a joyful shopping experience while taking a pre-schooler to the supermarket.

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In such situations, having a game plan can make the shopping journey much more tolerable and even pleasurable. Read further to find how Stefanie, the mother of cute Evallyn, enjoyed the shopping journey by the smart action taken by the employee.

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Before visiting a grocery shop Stefanie, took her daughter Evallyn to a pit stop to pick a few toys. Like every kid, Evallyn became restless due to mood swings and wanted to go home or move out quickly. Soon a smart woman employee named A J came to the rescue of mother Stefanie and took charge of the restless Evallyn by engaging her into dance battle, an action to beat someone without touching. The two started dancing while the elated Stefanie was busy in video recording the amazing scene.

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Praising the efforts of the little Evallyn, AJ has motivated her to continue the dancing. Both enjoyed the fun, and Stefanie felt a new and enjoyable experience. Without any hesitation, Stefanie has made the video streamed online just to appreciate the efforts of smart and child-friendly employees that can save the day for all mothers while they are shopping with their restless kids. Is shopping with kids a boon or bane? “Undoubtedly, it is pleasurable with the employees like AJ”, answers the joyful mother, Stefanie.


Erin - That's simply awesome that just goes to show that there are some amazing people in our world god bless the employee of target

Lillian - It's definitely one video that make me smile I needed that today and that was too adorable I wish I could have been there to see that

Jason - I've seen young kids throwing fits in the store. Take care and may God bless.

Elizabeth - Oh wow! That was a really good way of redirecting! Toddlers love dancing from what I understand, and this little gal stepped up

Debra - These are the kind of people every store should have!!! Wonder I started rewarded her for being the kind of person we should all be

Meredith - parents are supposed to watch their kids. I had three and they knew the rules. if they were bad, when they got home they had time out and a few chores. But they were most always good and got rewarded.

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