Do you remember that one teacher? The one who cared? The one who always tried? Verónica Duque is that teacher. Recently, the 43-year-old decided to engage her students on a higher level and gave a class on anatomy in a full-body suit that mapped out the human body in great detail. “I’ve been teaching for 15 years now,” Verónica told Bored Panda. “I teach natural and social science, art, as well as English and Spanish.”

Currently, Verónica teaches the third grade and is constantly looking for ideas on how to make the lessons more interesting. “I was surfing the internet when an ad of an AliExpress swimsuit popped up. Knowing how hard it is for kids this young to visualize the disposition of internal organs, I thought it was worth it giving it a try.”

After her husband Michael tweeted some pics from the lesson, Verónica instantly went viral. Generating over 65K likes and 14k comments, the tweet has made her a symbol of creativity and dedication. However, she isn’t done yet. Verónica has plenty of ways to surprise her students.

“I decided long ago to use disguises for history lessons,” she said. “I’m also using cardboard crowns for my students to learn grammatical categories such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Different grammar kingdoms, so to say.” “I’d like society to stop considering teachers to be lazy bureaucratic public servants. We’re certainly not.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Shaun Swan - My biology teacher was an old English bloke that looked a bit like an old Tony Blair. I'm so glad he didn't do this

Melissa M Vanhooser - We had mister good body on captain kangaroo and he had a suit like this and there wasnt nere the up roar as this is getting!!!

Mike N Wendy Caparas - I enjoyed being educated by Slim Goodbody back in the 80s. This is great to reintroduce this to the new generation.

Millie Cruz - You gotta do what you gotta do. The kids gotta learn because the parents these days ain't teaching them right. All the parents teaching their kids now is too twerk and listen to cardi B. Lol shame

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