Teen Is 1st Black Valedictorian In Her School’s 152-year History – Video

OnovuOtitigbe-Dangerfield is the first-ever black to graduate in the 152 years of history of Albany High School in New York. She is all set to pass out with a 4.0 GPA. In a conversation with Good Morning America, she said that she is so overwhelmed, and she sees it not as a win for herself but also for her community because she is now representing a group of people.

Image credit: City School District of Albany

Onovu has actively involved herself in multiple school clubs that include the music society, soccer team, and has also been the editor of the digital newspaper of her school. Even outside school, she has been involved in many activities and volunteering works.

Image credit: City School District of Albany

She said that her favorite subjects are robotics and computer science but, she still is exploring various fields to pursue a career.

Her hobbies include composing music, hanging out at the mall, and watching shows with her grandmother.

Image credit: Jessica Otitigbe

Onovu’s mother Jessica Otitigbe, said that she is very proud of her daughter. Onovu had applied to about 20 universities and has so far, she has been accepted into almost all of them including Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Stanford, and a few others.

Image credit: City School District of Albany/Jessica Otitigbe

Onovu’s advice to the younger students is that you got to do things you are passionate about and create your future and develop meaningful relationships and throughout your journey take advice from the people you love.

Image credit: City School District of Albany

She says that she always wants to be very hardworking and takes advice from her mother, grandmother, father, and her sister and also has mentors who would root for her and motivate her to do better.

Image credit: Jessica Otitigbe

She also added that’s she takes specific characteristics from people she looks up to and inculcates them in her life, and that’s how she made it so far.



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