That’s Not What You Told Me’: Tiffany Haddish Shares How ‘Disappointed’ She Was Following Common’s Public Remarks Regarding Their Breakup – Video

Common is back to being a single man after his br-eakup with Tiffany Haddish. On Fox Soul’s Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored earlier this month, the Chicago native discussed the end of their romance with Jason Lee. Haddish is now speaking out about her side of the events. Jason Lee, the popular writer and tv personality recently met down with the Grammy Award-winning entertainer, and of course, he enquired about her with Common.


Haddish claims that the news that they were no longer dating threw her off since her team was informed by People magazine. She adds that just a few individuals in her team were aware of their separation, but she’s “confident a number of individuals in his camp were aware” due to her frequent communication with them to get her belongings from the rapper’s home.

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Tiffany Haddish boldly stated that she is “fine with it” now that their romance is finished. Haddish, who will play Florence Griffith Joyner, the renowned Olympic gold medal-winning track champion, in a forthcoming biopic, is also looking forward to “new chances.” In the same breath, she confesses that she “misses” Common “on occasion.” The broadcaster, who had previously interviewed the “Glory” rapper, repeated his comments about their relationship. Common called her one of the “greatest” and “most real” persons he’s ever met.

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Despite the fact that the marriage was probably “the most mature” he’d ever been in, they were definitely too preoccupied. The artist went on to say that once the globe opened up enough for their plans to change again, they were no longer able to “fuel” the relationship. Common, on the other hand, stated that the two were still in love and that the choice to separate with each other was mutual. Tiffany Haddish, on the other hand, has a unique story to tell. Haddish told Jason Lee that she agreed with people on social media who stated that Common is the “common denominator” in the breakdown of his marriages.

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Common said to Jason Lee during his Hollywood Unlocked conversation that he has a penchant for “strong ladies” after being asked if he exclusively preferred famous women. The star of Like A Boss revealed her strategy. “He could be the type of person who never truly settles down with someone,” Haddish speculated. “Perhaps he’s like a bee, buzzing about from blossom to bloom.” “I’m not sure.” Haddish said she was “extremely dissatisfied” by his answer to them in another part of the conversation. She felt it since Common had not informed her that.

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She, on the other hand, kept her silence rather than revealing the underlying cause for their s*lit. Haddish, on the other hand, only had good things to say about the rapper. “I wish him nothing but happiness and love,” she remarked. “He’ll always be cool,” says the narrator. Haddish’s remarks might be interpreted as a mirror of Common’s previous high-profile partnerships. He notably dated researcher Angela Rye for several years before dating her.

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While many believed the couple would have persisted, it appeared that a choice on whether or not to have kids was the catalyst for their separation. However, Rye noted on her show that after they realized they desired “separate stuff,” there was nothing else to talk about. She did say that they will “always be pals” and that their separation was an “outstanding separation of ways.”

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From 2007 through 2010, Common had an on-again, off-again relationship with Serena Williams. In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, the tennis legend said that his “schedule is substantially harder” than hers, echoing his arguments for prior failed relationships. “He didn’t want to be in charge.” “It’s quite difficult,” she said. Many people recall Erykah Badu’s friendship with her. The rapper had a difficult time with his ex-girlfriend after they dated for two years. After their separation, Common told People that it was “impossible to eat” because he was “going with the flow.” He did admit, however, that Badu was not to blame for the relationship’s demise, and that their connection, as well as another, drove him to medication.



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