Everyone prefers new and innovative items which are designed creatively. But some designers went overboard in creating such things and the results are just hilarious and wacky. Just check out some of these epic design that is sure to drive you crazy.

1. Flicking the switch ON and OFF.

Image credit: thoughtnova.com

2. Transparent Loo

Image credit: thoughtnova.com

3. Secured the gate by putting barbed wire across the top. We don’t want anyone to climb over it.

Image credit: iiooiooi

4. The ultimate T-shirt design –LOL!

Image credit: PM_me_your_spacegoat

5. What did they expect? I mean the result is obvious.

Image credit: Imgur

6. Safety first – Hard hats are just the thing.

Image credit: CanadianUkr

7. Insert here --This one is a bit too far

Image credit: ManiBePoint

8. Earrings in the shape of a Cinnamon bun with sugar glaze on top.

Image credit: Oldgoat21

9. What does it look like? Well! It is supposed to be a safety pin.

Image credit: LadyEmry

10. Who on earth would prefer to look like they are sh-ooting their pet.

Image credit: Fandyus

11. All the seats are in their place, but who was it designed for

Image credit: MatteAce

12. When you fi-ght for the bigger part of the pie.

Image credit: newmanchristopher63

13. Green hands

Image credit: thoughtnova.com

14. thorn beard

Image credit: thoughtnova.com

15. It is said, don’t use elevators in case of fi-re, and just use the stairs. Well! These stairs are just insane.

Image credit: dylangleit

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