The Bond Between This 3-Year-Old And His Garbage Men Is Truly A Joy To Witness – Video

Similar to other kids, Kyler of Clinton, MS is besotted with his garbage men. Kyler is a 3-year-old boy who says Tuesday is the best day of the week because he gets to meet and help the hardworking men who collect garbage in his grandma’s neighborhood. The bond between them is sure to bring a smile to your everyday life.

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In an interview with Fox 6 News, Clarence Weathersby one of the waste management workers shared how their friendship began, “Kyler calls me Bug-Bug. It also started one day when we were about to start our work here, his grandmother had an Alabama sweatshirt. I told her to ‘Roll Tide’. Since then we used to exchange the usual University of Alabama greeting.”

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Each week Kyler used to wave at them and soon Kyler and his grandmother, Kathleen Reynolds started making Christmas and Halloween treats for the workers.

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Every Tuesday morning Kyler eagerly waits for the workers with a tow carrying bags of snacks. He also lends a helping hand in loading the garbage into their big green trucks. Kyler’s sweet and kind gesture is sure to brighten your week, do check out his adorable video here.



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