The OB Dropped My Newborn. ‘It’s Ok, You’re Young. You’ll Have More.’: Mom App-alled By Preemie’s Treatment In Child Birth. – Video

It is a designed pattern of nature that we protect our babies to ensure the continuation of our species. We ensure that our newborn babies are given the utmost care that they need. But, this incident of a doctor who dropped a newborn, and then told the mother that she was young enough to have more kids will leave you sh-ocked.

Kristal Amezquita, a 21-year-old, delivered her baby.

Image credit: Love What Matters / Kristal Amezquita

Her pregnancy was a very difficult one, and when she was 21 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to the Labor and Delivery ER of a hospital. In an interview with LoveWhatMatters Kristal explained the whole story. She said that when the pain became unbearable, the nurses quickly called for a doctor. The doctor told her that the membranes of the water bag were protruding, and she was already leaking water.

Image credit: Love What Matters / Kristal Amezquita

The water required by the baby to survive was coming out, and that her cervix had opened up, and the placenta had come in contact with the va-ginal canal resulting in an infection. At that point the doctor gave her two options: one – precipitate her pregnancy or two – let her body take its natural course. Kristal being so excited to see her newborn, chose the second option.

Image credit: Love What Matters / Kristal Amezquita

She still experienced contractions, and so the nurse asked her if she wanted an epidural which is followed by the catheter that she put in, and soon after, she started feeling uncomfortable. While the nurse and the OB were checking on Kristal, her water b-roke and that’s when she felt like she was going to lo-se her baby.

Image credit: Love What Matters / Kristal Amezquita

Kristal was then moved to another bed, and she began the process of delivering her baby. After two pushes, the doctor asked her if she wanted to hold the baby, but she wanted to deliver the placenta first. What happened the very next second would haunt Kristal all her life. The OB who delivered the baby dropped him since he was so tiny and slid out, and they couldn’t catch him.

Image credit: Love What Matters / Kristal Amezquita

The OB then told Kristal that she was young enough to have more kids. She couldn’t believe what had happened. The baby, Ian, weighed 10 ounces. Kristal said: “He is never forgotten, and he is always in our thoughts and prayers. I know he is in my heart, and that gives me comfort.”



Kitty Who the drops a new born and doesn’t say sorry. The lack of self awareness and accountability is jarring and that’s saying something comming from me.

Eljay Parents have like thousands of things to worry about during pregnancy, I never thought doctors dropping the baby would be one of them

Jenny The fact the Doctor didn’t even apologize is just so messed up.

Alyssa My heart just dropped. I have had 3 babies and 3 different doctors delivered them. Each time they were handled way to rough to where I have had to say something.



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