This Is Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son Bigi Jackson And How He Looks Like Today

All these years he has managed to hide himself from public attention. In 2009, when there was a sudden passing of Michael Jackson, his youngest son since then remained far from the sight of the public.

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He put money into an extravagant estate in California and regenerated himself. In 2002, his father, Michael Jackson gained attention from the paparazzi while he was holding a blanket on the edge of the balcony. This act created gossip and disreputation.

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Later, he apologized for this incident and from then he prioritized protecting his children. After that none of the kids were allowed to go outside. After his departure, no one was there to protect the children. And they were thrown into the spotlight, all thanks to the media industries.

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However, the main spotlight was on Paris Jackson. Even though Bigi was only 7 at that time. He also faced tough situations. Lost and upset with the memories of his father while adjusting himself to others.

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Later, he changed his name because according to him it sounded ignorant and because of his name he was intimidated. So, he reconstructed a new life for himself and changed his identity. And here is Bigi as a 20-year-old boy.

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Now he is attending Buckley School while residing in an elite Calabasas in California.

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