Mom Cr-iticises Toy Company For ‘Exaggerated’ Lips And Nose On Black Baby Dolls

The Australian toy company, Kmart has been in the spotlight again after they were criti-ci-ed for making black dolls with enlarged lips and exaggerated noses.

Image credit: tiktok @caillou_fxnpage

Jean, a mother, and blogger under @Jeanchronicles shared a video of the Miniland black dolls she found in the toy store on TikTok.

Image credit: tiktok @caillou_fxnpage

She said that although such a feature is normal for a teenager, it is not proportional to a baby. The post quickly went viral, and at the time of writing it, it had about 3000 likes.

Image credit: tiktok @caillou_fxnpage

Jean said that many suggested she go to Kmart because they had a variety of dolls but was disappointed because of how black people were presented.

The dolls are given different names, and they cost about $16 each.

Image credit: tiktok @caillou_fxnpage

Earlier Kmart had been in the highlights after they sold dolls with down sy-drome. A lot of people praised the company for its inclusivity.

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They promoted their new collection on International Day of People by selling dolls with dis-bilites. Although many have appreciated them for their creativity and inclusion, many also cr-iticied them.

Image credit: tiktok @caillou_fxnpage


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