Traci Braxton’s Husband, Kevin Surratt Sr. Completely ‘Lost’ Without Her: “What Am I Suppose To Do Now”. Photos Of Traci Braxton And Kevin Surratt From Their 25 Years Of Marriage – Video

The news that Braxton Family Values star Traci Braxton had left her bo-dy following a personal battle with esophageal c*ncer left many people stunned. She was 50 years old at the time. Kevin Surratt, one of the many loved ones she leaves behind, is on everyone’s mind.

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Last year, the pair celebrated 25 years of marriage, and out of all of her family’s marriages, Braxton’s with Surratt has weathered the passage of time, becoming even stronger when they went through communication barriers on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in Season 3.

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“Anything could recover as long as you have compassion.” “Anything is achievable,” she said in an interview with The Grio in 2018 on the teachings she’s learnt after many years of marriage. “I’ve reached my limit.” We fi-ght, we say h*rsh things to one other, but we always come back to each other and say, ‘I was stupid.'”

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She went on to say, “I’m dating my spouse.” “Every week, we go out to our favorite cafe and just sit there and converse and have discussions and date each other,” she says.


“I have to make absolutely sure that light is there,” she continued. I have to make sure that the same way I earned him is how I have to keep him, and vice versa.” As previously said, the pair commemorated 25 years of marriage and Toni, the woman’s elder sister, uploaded a video of the two grooving together, in their zone, and appearing in love to commemorate the event.


The couple were blessed with Kevin Jr., now 26-year-old. Kevin Jr. made them grandparents to a beautiful young boy, Kevin, as well.

Departure of Traci Braxton’s soul is still being discussed online by her fans. Many people had a particular place in their hearts for the beloved singer. Surratt Kevin Sr., her spouse, is one of them. Her widowed husband is not the only one, and his siblings, who are also crying, have offered him their wholehearted support.

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Kevin and Traci had been together for years and had a track together called Kevin Jr. The pair was extensively highlighted on reality tv shows and were able to share their affection with the entire world. Following her siblings, Kevin Sr. was one of the last persons to post about his wife’s demise, with the exception of Tamar, who uploaded an empty clip of Muni Long’s time machine urging her sister to “return.”

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Kevin Sr. posted a number of photos in which he reminisced on his years of commitment with Traci Braxton. The couple has been seen together on red carpets, at family events, and, obviously, in their engagement pictures. Traci Braxton’s husband states in the caption that he hesitated to even make the post and hasn’t fully processed anything yet.

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Kevin also remarked that he would be lonely without his spouse, describing Traci as his “ideal lady,” “universe,” “existence,” “strength,” “closest buddy,” “source of support,” and “everything.” “May God grant me the fortitude I need.” Thank you for everything you’ve done for us during our time together. “Until we reunite again, Baby Girl Everlasting LOVE My FOREVER AND EVER TRARATT,” he concluded.

Kevin looks to have a huge supportive relationship in his family at this troubling time. Kevin Sr.’s family has been reaching out to him on Instagram, reassuring his supporters that he is not forgotten. Numerous postings were published by a personal account purporting to be his sister, informing people that they would be keeping Kevin down through this miserable time. “What is known does not require explanation,” she stated.

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Kevin had just been honoring his woman for two weeks when he shared some old images of the two of them. Kevin Sr. refers to his late wife as his dream lady and sweetheart in his caption. In multiple posts, he alluded to Traci as his ideal girl. This past November, they marked their 25th anniversary with a video of them partying and having an amazing evening on a ship with friends and relatives. Kevin was the one who informed TMZ yesterday that Traci had been silently suffering from ca-cer for the last year and had succumbed to the disease. “Our dear Traci Braxton has gone on to glory after a year of discreetly suffering a series of Esophageal ca-cer treatments.” Our heartfelt sympathies go out to their family.



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