This  200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course is for anyone from anywhere, with any background, nationality, or religion. Be ready, it may open up the gate of possibilities, can bring wonders, especially for those stuck with the ideas of limitations, and can be magical, if you are already interested in the exploration of this ancient Indian art & science of Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Course with Om Shanti Om Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India at the foothills of the Himalayas. Choosing a good trainer is very essential in the first path. It is the first question that arises in our minds. Our experienced teachers will dedicate themselves in a professional way with full attention individually.

Our vision is: We will try our best to provide what is best for you!" It is designed for those who are interested in Yoga as a career, for self-knowledge, for mindful awakening, and also for leisure. Genuinely, the asanas of Hatha Yoga originally have a spiritual purpose within Hinduism, the attainment of `Samadhi a state of meditative consciousness taking oneself from ignorance into a knowledgeable person. This Yoga Teacher Training Course will bring spirituality, unity, egoless, togetherness, holistic, inner happiness, fun, enjoyment, laughter ever after, and understanding the unconditional love by the end of the session. It is a total self-awareness to gain everything in life but to live in nothingness. Just live in simplicity! Is the secret of answers for all the human sufferings. We more emphasize spirituality, cultivating the basic rules and discipline in life. This Course is hectic but comprehensive to train the students to be disciplined in life and to build the strength for mental and physical faculties. worry that we still give you full relaxation, love, and care, enjoyment with inspiration.

The 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India at Om Shanti Om Yoga School is designed to develop Yoga Teaching skills by understanding the root principles of ancient yoga traditions. The course is ideal for those who aim to take Yoga teachings as a profession as well as for those who want to experience and follow yoga as a path of holistic living.


» Develop a daily practice of kriyas, asanas, pranayama, bandha, mudras, and dhyana.

» Delve deeper into Yoga Anatomy and Physiology.

» Introduction to Structural Yoga Therapy.

» Study philosophy from the classical treatises of Yoga (Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hathayoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, and the Upanishads).

» Introduction to Ayurveda and Marma Points.

» Design and teach a 90-minute asana class to your peers which incorporates these components.

» Plan and teach a 30-minute presentation to your peers regarding yoga-related topics (i.e., Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, yogic diet, anatomy, physiology, chakras, philosophy, mudras, Mantra Chanting & Keertan, etc.)


» Daily nutritious vegetarian meals, detox juices, and teas

» Weekend excursions

» yoga material ( books, yoga t-shirts, ayurvedic body massage, etc)

» One the Himalayas sightseeing trip

» Private accommodation 

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Course Syllabus

The Yoga Alliance USA has set widely-accepted International standards for Yoga Teacher Training programs which include 100, 200, 300, and 500 hours of training, at the bank of the holy Ganga river in the lap of the great mountain Himalaya.

Asanas: learn more than 40 basic asanas (postures) including their different levels and variations, from beginner to advanced level. In each asana, you will learn proper adjustments, alignments, techniques, corrections, contra-indications, physical and psychic awareness, benefits, etc.

Bandhas: learn the practice of 3 bandhas - energy locks in the body - Mula bandha, Jalandhara bandha, Uddiyana bandha, and Maha bandha. We place emphasis on technique, contraindications, and benefits.

Pranayama: learn 8 main types of Pranayama (breathing) techniques - Anuloma-Viloma, Nadishodhana, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Shitali, Sitkari, Bhastrika, and Kapalbhati. Each Pranayama will be taught with an emphasis on many techniques, duration, ratio, physical and psychic awareness, contra-indications, and benefits.

Dhyana (Meditation): Yoga Teacher Training students will learn and be guided into the practice of major 6 meditation techniques in accordance with each Chakra plus 5 additional practices of different meditations with emphasis on background, techniques & benefits.

Mantra: learn to chant and present the main Vedic mantras.

Philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics: We will explain and discuss the history and philosophy of Yoga. The trainee will learn the eight original limbs: Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyana, and Samadhi from the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. As well as seven limbs of Hatha Yoga from Gherand Samhita and their use in modern lifestyle.

Teaching Methodology: Learn how to demonstrate and adjust different asanas, observe the class, and assist other students.

  • As well as we teach to our trainee lesson planning,
  • Injury Prevention on how to avoid injury from asana,
  • How to use hand for yoga asana adjusting,
  • How to do alignment principles in yoga poses,
  • Educational techniques to teach principles of yoga,
  • Practicum in teaching yoga what to talk and not to talk during yoga practice,
  • Understanding, correcting, assisting, encouraging, and caring
  • Also guiding the progress of students in yoga.

Anatomy and physiology: There are both physical and subtle anatomy lessons. Understanding the physiology of the body.

Practicum: Learn how to teach all yoga techniques and how to manage the structure of yoga practice and lessons.

Class Structure and Planning: Yoga trainees will learn how to create an effective and intelligent structure and build their class during the alignment.

All this knowledge will make you a pure soul, intelligent human, and peaceful man to understand the balance of body and life!

Why India is the Best Place to Do Your Yoga Teacher Training

India is a country with a rich history and culture, and it is also the birthplace of yoga. This ancient practice has been passed down through generations, and it is an integral part of the country’s identity. It is no surprise, then, that India is considered the best place to do your yoga teacher training. Here are some reasons why:

1.  Expert teachers and schools

India is home to some of the most renowned yoga schools and teachers in the world. These schools have been around for decades, and their teachers have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of yoga. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they are the perfect mentors for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher.

2. Wide range of styles and traditions

In India, you can find a wide range of styles and traditions of yoga. From the more traditional Hatha and Ashtanga styles to the more modern Vinyasa and Yin styles, there is something for everyone. This diversity allows you to find the style that resonates with you the most, and to learn from multiple teachers and traditions.

3. Immersion in yoga culture

When you do your yoga teacher training in India, you are fully immersed in the yoga culture. You will live and breathe yoga every day, and this will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the practice. You will also have the opportunity to visit temples, ashrams, and other sacred sites, which will enrich your spiritual journey.

4. Affordable prices

Compared to other countries, the cost of living in India is relatively low. This means that you can do your yoga teacher training in India without breaking the bank. Many schools also offer discounts and scholarships to make the training more accessible to all.

5. Access to ancient wisdom and teachings

India is the birthplace of yoga, and it is home to some of the oldest and most respected yoga scriptures and teachings. By doing your yoga teacher training in India, you will have access to this ancient wisdom and teachings, which will enhance your understanding and practice of yoga.

6. Connection to the yoga community

When you do your yoga teacher training in India, you will become part of the global yoga community. You will meet people from all over the world, and you will make connections that will last a lifetime. You will also have the opportunity to visit local yoga studios and ashrams, and to experience the vibrant yoga scene in India.

7. Personal growth and transformation

Doing your yoga teacher training in India can be a life-changing experience. The intensive nature of the training, combined with the immersion in yoga culture, can facilitate personal growth and transformation. You will learn new skills and techniques, and you will also learn more about yourself and your own potential.

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