Woman Hired A Model To Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty But The Whole Plan Backfired With A Twist – Video

Long-distance relationships are difficult, as anybody who has been in one will attest. It basically means you get the worst of both being in a relationship and being single all rolled into one annoying bundle. In such situations, trust is especially vital, because without it, anxiety may set in, and things can quickly spiral out of control – as they did with Alysha Bush and Kourbine Lee.

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Because of a strategy devised by Alysha that backfired badly, the 23-year-olds are no longer together. The couple married last summer after a year and a half of long-distance dating, with Alysha based in Arizona and Kourbine in California. As expected, the gap between them became wider and Alysha admitted that thoughts of distrust began to build.

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“We were already so far away, there was simply a lack of contact, and we were subconsciously trying to make each other envious via social media,” she told BuzzFeed News. I went to Vegas with him and his family, and he was quite aloof from me, gazing and kind of pressing on other girls in front of me.” Alysha devised a strategy to test Kourbine’s allegiance in order to determine for sure whether she was correct to be suspicious.

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She discovered Paula Contento, a lady who went to the same gym as Kourbine, on the internet and paid her $50 to lure him and report back to her. Paula agreed to the bargain and subsequently revealed to Alysha that she had gone on a date with Kourbine and even ‘wired up’ with him, which was clearly far beyond the norm. The mission was simple: see whether he looked interested in meeting up with Paula. Predictably, Alysha ended her partnership with Kourbine, but when the two reappeared on Snapchat’s dating programme, Second Chance there was a huge big juicy plot twist in store. Alysha begged her ex-boyfriend to confess to his al*eged adultery, but he stuck to his argument.

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When he inquired as to why she was so convinced, she divulged her scheme. Because this being a television show, Paula arrived via video conference and first retold her original story. She spilled the goods after Kourbine asked why she would lie. “I didn’t believe she deserved you, so I faked,” she explained. Clearly, she doesn’t respect the loyal, incredible man you are.

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“Perhaps I have a chance,” I reasoned. Following that, Alysha was obliged to eat a large serving of humble pie, which she could have compensated for with the reimbursement she likely wanted from Paula.

The conclusion of the tale is that if you love a random person more than your lover, something is seriously wrong with you. But, in an indirect manner, I suppose the storyline worked out, in that it terminated an obviously dysfunctional relationship.



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