Anyone in today's digital world cannot stand in a long line at a hotel, airport, or restaurant because the majority of people use online payment methods. There are several WordPress booking plugins available for accepting online payments.


Booking plugins for WordPress sites are beneficial to local businesses, consultants, and lodging. Avoid paying a large amount of fee. To handle our reservations. Instead, with a few clicks, we can integrate a booking system into our website.


It gives us a lot more control and keeps everything organized in one place. We can also gather information and contact information from our clients through future email campaigns and newsletters.

Why Do We Need A WordPress Booking Plugin


The booking plugin adds a professional online booking management system to your WordPress websites. You can create a booking form by using a plugin. If you choose the premium plan, you can add unlimited services to your booking page. You can also organize them by categorizing them. Payment and booking options are available for users to book appointments and pay for them using their debit or credit card via their mobile phone.


6 Best WordPress Appointment & Booking Plugins


Our skilled digital marketers conducted an in-depth analysis of the appointment plugins' functionalities and listed the top booking plugins in WordPress. By the end, We will find the ideal one for our company's needs.


1. WP Travel Engine 


WP Travel Engine is the most advanced travel and tour booking WordPress plugin that provides various features to create an outstanding travel package for agencies. It is a complete tour management system with amazing features. Even the starter can create travel booking websites in 5 minutes using this plugin.


The number of travel packages We can create with this plugin is unlimited. It also includes an itinerary builder, which allows us to add the day-to-day itinerary of a specific trip. The plugin is also ready for translation. As a result, clients from all over the world can use the site without difficulty.


WP Travel Engine includes a large number of customization options for our convenience. There are some hooks and filters that allow developers to customize

the plugin to their specific needs.


2 WP Simple Booking Calendar


WP Simple Booking Calendar is a simple and flexible appointment plugin in WordPress.With the help of this plugin, any WordPress user can create a booking appointment on any date. It also helps visitors to check the availability of a holiday with just a few clicks and it gives a complete editing freedom to the user for a better experience that is why people suggest this plugin for booking specific dates and paying online for their own booking.


3. Booknetic


Booknetic is a fully automated appointment scheduling plugin that allows users to Customization and automation of online appointment booking. with a wide range of Features like an insightful dashboard, and report and easy to use interface that allows users a better experience. that is the reason why people prefer this because it has a wide range Of features and it provides the user the feature of enabling the booking widget anywhere on the website.


4. WooCommerce Bookings


WooCommerce Bookings is one of the best appointment booking WordPress plugins available. You can get all the Basic features in this plugin but we also get access to several features by Payment for that and its several options to receive payment from our Customers. You can easily set it up using the provided layouts or customize it with some coding. When you activate the plugin, you'll see fields for a description, title, pricing, a calendar, and even reviews to boost your credibility.


5. Amelia


Amelia is the most useful WordPress booking plugin that provides users with a great user interface. it makes it easy for our customers to book online as well as offline, We can get this plugin for a fee hence its suitable for small businesses, however, if you run your business for a long while Amelia pro is best for you because it provides all built-in features that help you to gain customer and its allow your employees to keep track individual appointment in their personal Calendar plugin.


6. WP Forms


WP Form is the most useful feature of the WordPress plugin. It makes setting up the booking appointment system breeze in mins. It comes with the drag and drop features that allow users to create matters in a minute. You can also set dates and times as per your requirement.  


You can also use the plugin to place completed forms anywhere on our website, including pages, sidebars, widget areas, and posts.


It is available in both free and premium versions. The free version will get you started. However, in order to get the most out of it, you must purchase the premium version.




In this topic, we conclude that WordPress booking plugins provide users with great features and the best user interface, allowing them to create virtually any type of website and plugin to grow their business and services. From e-commerce stores to portfolios to directory sites.

The timetable is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin for WordPress. It will help you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes. It comes with booking functionality. You can take online reservations for any event within the available number of free slots.

Other excellent features include an events manager, event occurrences shortcode, timetable shortcode generator, and upcoming events widget. You can generate PDFs from your timetable view. Fully compatible with Visual Composer, this WordPress booking and reservation plugin is perfect for your gym classes, school or kindergarten, medical departments, nightclubs and pubs, class schedules, meal plans, you name it.

Bookme is a multi-purpose WordPress booking plugin that all kinds of businesses can use, ranging from beauty salons and fitness centers to educational institutions and medical centers. You can set up a wide range of services at different prices and build custom fields depending on your requirements.

You can offer numerous booking types, including default booking, group booking, consultant booking, add-to-cart booking, free booking, and booking with WooCommerce. Customers can receive SMS notifications via Twillio API. They can

 also, pay with multiple payment systems such as Stripe or PayPal.


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