In brief: Are you trying to find the simplest solution to convert files from EML to MSG? With the help of this technical guide, you will gain thorough knowledge and recommendations for the available solutions, enabling a faster and problem-free conversion. Please read the blog through to the conclusion to discover improved conversion strategies.


What is an EML file?

One email message is saved in an EML file, also known as an electronic mail file. This file is utilized by several well-known email clients. Email clients: Entourage, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Its main objective is to save a single email message that has all of the meta data—pictures, text, attachments, etc.—in one place. There should be a lot of users wondering why there are so many advantages to converting EML to MSG.

Don't worry; this article will guide you through a few convincing reasons and a way to complete the change.

What Fundamental Distinction Exists Between MSG and EML Files?

Examine the following common points to gain an understanding of the main distinctions between these two files as well as the motivations for the user's desire to convert EML files to Outlook MSG files:
One email message that can be viewed in any text editor is essentially what an EML file is used for. In addition, Microsoft Outlook uses the MSG file to display a single message in their inbox. The need to convert EML to Outlook MSG arises when users want to switch to Outlook.

  • Comparing individual MSG files to EML files reveals that the former require less storage space. The large file size will become an issue if the user wants to save all of their data on the cloud.
  • Microsoft Outlook makes it simple to retrieve MSG files; however, accessing an EML file in Outlook consistently results in issues.
  • Certain Outlook properties couldn't be stored in EML, but the MSG file would have all of the fields and properties of any message.


An Easy Way to Manually Convert EML Files to Outlook MSG

Users can choose to use the labor-intensive, manual techniques of converting EML to MSG. In order to ensure the success of the conversion, the user must also possess the necessary technical know-how. Otherwise, a little error will turn out to be incorrect. To simplify things, though, we are now going to discuss one manual conversion method—the drag-and-drop approach.


First Solution: Drag and Drop EML to PST Conversion.

View the detailed instructions for securely converting EML files to MSG.

  • Drag-and-dropping the EML files into Outlook will be the first step.
  • Outlook will now save EML files in the draft folder.
  • The relocated EML file needs to now be right-clicked, selected Move, and the move to an Inbox folder option needs to be selected.
  • Next, navigate to the main menu and choose Info. To save the EML file as an MSG file, select Save.
  • Give the output file a name, then click Next after choosing Outlook Message Format (.msg) from the drop-down menu.
  • Users can then verify their MSG files at the designated site. However, as this approach would take a long time if customers wish to convert large numbers of files, we will not recommend improving this EML to MSG conversion method. Additionally, the likelihood of errors will increase.

Now let's continue on to the last half of this blog, where we will talk about some additional methods, such as using third-party converter programs to speed up and improve the accuracy of the conversion.


Utilize Specialized Software to Oversee the Conversion of EML to MSG Files.

Many IT professionals turn first to opt the Pcinfotools EML To MSG Converter when they're looking to convert bulk EML files to MSG files. Several user-friendly characteristics of this program make it simpler for users to comprehend and make efficient use of it. This software allows users to convert EML to MSG on any system that has Windows pre-installed.

Below is a list of some of this software's more sophisticated features:

  • It makes it possible to convert large bulk EML files into MSG while preserving the metadata.
  • Users can use the data filtration feature of the utility to transfer only the necessary data from the EML files.
  • The folder hierarchy will be preserved by this EML to MSG conversion program.
  • This tool enables full data previewing in its preview window prior to conversion.


Second Solution: Steps to Convert EML to Outlook MSG.

  • Install the Pcinfotools EML To MSG Converter tool first.
  • Users can import their EML files via a variety of methods.
  • The user can examine files in the preview window when they are added to the tool. From the program folder view section, either right-click on the folder or choose MSG from the tools ribbon bar.
  • The export in the MSG window will now show up. Users are able to select with ease the specific data that they must transfer. Additionally, choose where you want to save the generated MSG file.
  • After you click the Export button, the program will start converting EML files to MSG files.
  • Upon completion of the conversion procedure, the user will review the report, which includes comprehensive details on the process minutes. To test the effectiveness of this tool, users can use the free version.



Many people need to convert their EML files to MSG in order to make their work easier. We have discussed a few typical causes for users' intentions to convert EML to MSG. Furthermore, there are a lot of drawbacks to the manual technique, which uses drag-and-drop, so it isn't the best option for most people. Furthermore, the professional software option offers several benefits that make it essential during the conversion process. Make the wise decision for effective data management right now. To experience even more email conversion simplicity, give our EML Converter program a try right now. Your emails are your way: quick, easy, and safe.


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