What Is a Love Block?

Anything that consistently prevents you from receiving love when it is available is known as a love block. To main focus is on the internal barriers that prevent you from receiving love fully and effectively. These obstacles prevent you from practicing healthy recreational love. When love-conveying behave are being sent to you, your love blocks are likely too deeply ingrained, unconscious habit patterns that prevent you from being able to perceive or experience yourself as loved and valued. The majority of the time, you can obstruct the love that is coming your way without even realizing it.  Getting rid of the obstacles in your way is essential if you want to attract love into your life. Because when we are in alignment and untroubled by persisting emotional pain, love, joy, romance, and ultimately enjoyment are our natural states of being, this is the case. 

The 5 Most Common Love Blocks

(1). Feeling unattractive

A very typical love barrier that results from having low self-esteem is feeling unlovable. When you're in this frame of mind, it's difficult to see the good in yourself or to identify traits about you that might make someone else find you attractive or connect with you. Comparatively to exuding inner confidence and self-belief, this low vibration mindset is likely to come across as less appealing or attractive to others. You are less likely to find true love as a result. It's important to remember that we all experience self-doubt occasionally, and that it's perfectly normal in moderation. However, if you allow these thoughts to dominate and become a part of who you are, it will negatively impact your capacity to find love.

How to remove this block - Building your self-esteem and identifying the reasons why another person would want to love you are the best ways to move past this block. Affirmations of your own worth can be a useful tool in accomplishing this and in assisting you in becoming more self-assured. For an extra boost of confidence, try practicing them in front of the mirror.

(2). Not wanting to be hurt

Our fear of being hurt frequently gets in the way of our ability to express love. But if you're serious about falling in love, there's really no way around this one. No matter if the relationship is romantic or platonic, getting close to someone always entails some level of risk. Fundamentally, you run the risk of being hurt by someone you let into your heart.

How to remove this block - It's crucial to understand that only you can harm yourself in this situation. You may be disappointed or betrayed by others, yes. But because we allow that to mean something about us, it hurts us and makes us feel bad. Maybe the person you're dating is just emotionally immature and would rather lie to you than come clean about their behave. No matter how embarrassing it feels in the moment, it doesn't reflect poorly on you. If all you're doing is trading one pain for that other, you may want to focus entirely on your true desires.

(3). The perception that everyone goes away

The ability to establish and maintain relationships can be affected by abandonment fears, which can have very depth roots. Innately attracting those who do leave is possible if you believe that everyone leaves. In addition, because you worry that relationships are "too good to be true," you are more likely to undermine them when they are succeeding. To prevent yourself from becoming overly intimately involved, you push people away. When the other person moves away as you anticipate, this shields you from suffering emotional harm. Unfortunately, using this method to push people away frequently results in emptiness and unavoidably confirms your belief. The cycle that results becomes stronger and more difficult to break.

 (4). Self – Criticism

This is the kind of self-talk that makes you doubt your ability to find love, date, or be attracted to someone, as well as your physical attractiveness. Any self-critical thoughts you have about yourself combine to form this.  It Self-criticism is a common human tendency, but when it becomes excessive, it needs to be dealt with. Self-compassion is the answer to the problem of self-judgment. Start focusing on the things you criticize about yourself. Take a break from punishing yourself for the things you “do wrong”, and developing self-compassion is necessary if you want to improve.

(5). Underestimating oneself

Not being thankful enough for yourself, for the love you already have in your life or for your life in general. There is cause for celebration even if you are the only person in the world. The feelings of love and gratitude are very similar.  Common relationship And just like with love, the more you give it your full attention, the more it grows. Just know that if you can learn to be more appreciative of whom you are and the love you have now in your life right now, today, it will be simpler for you to meet someone and find love. Consider something like that for which you will be thankful each day. If used properly, good sign gratitude can be such a powerful tool.

How to Stop Blocking Love?

You have to start approaching love differently when it is offered to you if you want to stop blocking it. That means you should practice feeling confident accepting it and deserving of it when it comes to you. You can put this into practice by embracing love or pleasure, even if it initially makes you uneasy. For instance, pay attention to whether you truly accept compliments or if you quickly reject them. Allow yourself to experience the positive emotions when someone does something special for you or when you catch yourself trying to stop yourself from taking pleasure in a special moment. 

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