Overview/Summary: In the realm of electronic mail control, MS Outlook stands as a broadly used platform for personal information storage. Users frequently locate themselves in situations where the need arises to transform PST documents to PDF format. This can be driven by diverse reasons, including discontinuing using Outlook, the necessity for offline information access, or the choice of a universally on-hand document layout. This blog explores the motivations at the back of the need to transform PST documents totally to PDF and details numerous strategies to accomplish this challenge, which includes the upkeep of attachment files.


Why Would Users Want to Convert Outlook Documents to PDF?

PDF documents provide a flexible digital report garage solution, making customers inclined to export PST documents to PDF due to numerous advantages:

  • Consistent Viewing: PDF files maintain content and layout consistency throughout exceptional working structures, devices, and software, ensuring the integrity of the record.
  • User-Friendly: PDF files are easy to create, examine, and use via various PDF reader programs, making them widely available to customers.
  • Offline Access: Users can additionally wish to download Outlook emails as PDF files for offline access, letting them view and reference messages without an active internet connection.
  • Migration Needs: There are instances in which users need to transfer their Outlook messages to another utility. Converting PST files to PDF affords a handy way to move and keep messages in a universally typical layout.
  • Password Protection: PDF documents can be secured with password encryption, making sure the content remains secure and decreasing the risk of facts being lost or unauthorized access.
  • Easy Transfer: Storing information in a PDF report simplifies the procedure of transfer and sharing, as PDF documents can be effortlessly attached to emails or shared via diverse file-sharing platforms.

Overall, exporting PST files to a PDF layout offers more than one benefit, including regular viewing, user-friendly access, offline availability, migration flexibility, improved safety, and a seamless record switch.


Manual Methods to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

Various strategies exist to transform Outlook PST files totally to PDF format. Here, we discuss two effective manual strategies to download Outlook messages in PDF format while retaining attachments.


Step 1: Use Adobe Acrobat to Convert a PST File to a PDF

Adobe Acrobat, a famous software for editing and growing PDF documents, offers a plugin that integrates with Outlook, enabling the saving of messages as PDF files. Follow these steps to transform PST to PDF using Adobe Acrobat:

  • Launch the Outlook software and navigate to the pinnacle bar.
  • Look for the Adobe PDF option and click on it.
  • Select the preferred messages to transform to PDF.
  • In the Adobe PDF tab, click on the selected email messages.
  • From the drop-down list, pick out the "Create New PDF" option.
  • A new tab will open, permitting you to specify the saving place and file call for the PDF.
  • Once possibilities are set, click the "Save" button to download the Outlook e-mail messages as PDF documents.


Method 2: Use Microsoft Outlook to Export PST to PDF

Microsoft Outlook has an integrated function to print email messages as PDF files, making it a handy option for converting PST to PDF. Follow those steps to perform the conversion:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the email messages you need to convert to PDF.
  • Go to the "File" tab inside the pinnacle menu.
  • Click on the "Print" alternative.
  • In the Print dialog container, click on the "Print Options" button.
  • In the Print tab, pick "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the list of to-have printers.
  • Configure any other required print alternatives, consisting of the web page variety or range of copies.
  • Click the "Print" button to initiate the conversion.
  • In the "Save Print Output As" conversation box, specify the desired file course and name for the PDF file.
  • Finally, click the "Save" button to convert the chosen email absolutely to PDF format.

By following these steps, you can effectively convert your preferred Outlook e-mail messages to PDF layouts using the Microsoft Print to PDF option. The ensuing PDF file could be stored at the specified location in your system.


Professional Technique to Convert PST Entirely to PDF With Attachments

While the above techniques are beneficial for changing Outlook PST to PDF, they simplest permit the conversion of a single email message at a time and can be technical. Therefore, we advise opting for the WholeClear PST to PDF Converter Tool, which allows customers to export multiple Outlook PST files to PDF layout. This tool can simply export single and multiple Outlook emails to PDF format without any data loss. There are no chances of data loss when the conversion process starts. Utilize the free demo version of this app before buying the complete version of this app.


Follow the steps to download an Outlook email in PDF format.

  • Download and install the WholeClear PST to PDF Converter tool on your computer, ensuring to run it as an administrator.


  • Launch the converter tool and browse your computer to locate the PST files you want to convert. Click on the "Next" button.
  • Review the folders within the PST file and select the relevant folders if needed. Click "Next" to proceed.
  • From the drop-down list, choose the saving format as PDF.
  • To avoid duplicate messages, use the "Remove Duplicate Mail" option. You can also deselect any attached files if necessary.
  • Click on the "Path to Save" option to choose the output folder location where the converted PDF files will be saved.


  • To convert messages within a specific date range, use the "Mail Filter" option to set the desired date range.
  • Once all settings are configured, click on the "Convert" button to start the conversion process from Outlook PST files to PDF format.



All the methods outlined in the blog are indeed helpful and practical for converting PST format; you can choose any of them. However, we recommend using the WholeClear PST to PDF Converter Software, which assists you in converting single and multiple PST files to PDF format within a few simple steps.


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