Create a successful Instagram business account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, and for good reason: its content is strongly visual and easy to browse. You can also easily share your own content via your smartphone.

For companies, Instagram is also an excellent channel to reach people and create your own brand . Do you already use Instagram in your own business? If not, you should set up an Instagram business account now at the latest. In this article, you will also find instructions on how to create an Instagram account (Buy Instagram Followers Greece) for a company.

What is an Instagram business profile?

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media channels in recent years. There are currently about 2 million Finnish users on Instagram, and the number of users has been growing all the time so far. Instagram is especially known for its popularity among young women, but the user base is becoming more and more diverse all the time.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media channel based on the sharing of various images and videos. The service was launched in October 2010, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Today, Instagram is owned by Facebook.  

Instagram quickly became one of the most popular social media channels. There are currently about 2 million Finnish users on Instagram, and the number of users has been growing all the time so far.

Two types of accounts can be created on Instagram: accounts can be for individuals or companies. You can also easily upgrade your personal account to a business account. A business account differs from a personal account in terms of functionality intended for businesses. The features of the Instagram business account enable, for example, advertising, visitor information of the Instagram business profile and much more information about followers.

Why is Instagram useful for business?

Companies should definitely take advantage of Instagram, as it enables reaching completely new people and engaging old customers. Instagram also offers the company the opportunity to stand out from other brands in the same industry with its own personal style. It also offers customers a low-threshold contact channel, and marketing on social media is almost a necessity for many companies these days.

In the company's digital marketing, Instagram can also serve as an effective advertising channel for target groups that are difficult to reach via Facebook, for example. The average age of Instagram users is clearly lower than Facebook, so if the target group is younger social media users, you should definitely consider advertising on Instagram.

Before creating an Instagram business account

Before setting up, you should think about a clear and recognizable style for the company's profile, especially the pictures. It is good to think about, for example, what kind of pictures you use and how you process the pictures: are the pictures colorful or restrained in colour. For example, the company's visual guidelines can be used to help define the style.

You should also familiarize yourself with the accounts of potential competitors and other companies, as you can also get ideas and thoughts for your own account from them. They can also be used to understand what kind of content works effectively on Instagram.

The first nine photos should also be posted fairly quickly on Instagram to make the company profile look visual for visitors. The first nine pictures are displayed immediately in the profile without scrolling down. The first publications could well be prepared before setting up the actual account.

Use of Instagram in company operations

Create an Instagram business account for a business.

Post interesting pictures, videos and stories regularly.

1. Creating an Instagram business account

Creating an Instagram account for a company is easy. The best way to do this is to install the Instagram application on your smartphone. The free Instagram app can be found in both the Apple Store and the Android Play Store. You can also find the download link when you visit on your smartphone .

Create a new Instagram account for the company initially as a personal profile. If you wish, you can also create an account with the more familiar marketing name of the activity or, in some cases, also with the name of your domain name.

However, not all domain names, such as those ending in .com and .net, can be used as an Instagram account name, but for example, a username ending in .fi should work. If you can't create an account with a domain name, don't worry, the website address and link can be added to the Instagram user profile.

Create a personal account and turn it into an Instagram business profile.

First, create a regular Instagram account, which you can update to a business profile using the following instructions: Edit profile button on your profile -> Change to a business account. After that, you still have to choose whether it is a content publisher or a company, fill in the company's contact information and a possible business category.

The Instagram Business Profile can also be connected to a Facebook Business Profile , so you should create one first if you don't have one yet.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is a mobile application that allows you to connect your company's Facebook and Instagram accounts and manage both. In particular, it brought the long-awaited function to draft or schedule Instagram posts.

Put your Instagram business account in the description

It is worth investing in the description of the company and filling in the contact information so that it is as easy as possible for visitors to the profile to get in touch. There are 150 characters available for a profile description, so the matter must be summarized effectively. If possible, you should make use of search terms that people use to search for you. In connection with search terms, you must use the pound sign (#) so that the search term in question can also be found using the search function.

Instagram account deletion

Sometimes it may also be necessary to delete an Instagram business account. However, you should first carefully consider whether the deletion is really necessary or whether the account could be changed to a private one.

However, changing the Instagram business profile to private is unfortunately not possible without first changing the business profile back to a personal, i.e. normal, profile. After that, the profile can be changed to private.

How to remove an Instagram business account if you really need it? It can be done by logging in with company credentials via this link: Instagram - request removal of company account .

2. Post interesting pictures and videos regularly

The basic idea of ​​Instagram is, of course, to publish pictures and videos. Interesting pictures gather followers and visibility for their publisher. For the company, this means potentially millions of people to present their own products and services to.

In Instagram business communication, you should invest in the quality of the images, because Instagram is completely based on visuality. It is also possible to get good-quality pictures with a phone, if you remember to take care of the lighting, focus and post-processing of the picture.

So what are good publications?

It's worth noting right away that publishing pure ads doesn't make sense in the long run, but the Instagram business account content must be genuinely interesting and rich in content. Weight is usually the word content, because effective publications could be, for example, suggestions related to the use of products.

Of course, the published material is also largely controlled by the company's field of activity and the products it offers. The more tangible and visual services you sell, the easier it is to come up with quality posts for Instagram.

Instagram's algorithm rewards the engagement of followers, so you should also use different calls to action in your posts, such as tag a friend or comment on your favourite food. The organic visibility of Instagram business accounts, i.e. the visibility obtained without advertising, has been declining, and that is why it is important to invest in publications that engage followers.

Not just pictures, video draws attention effectively

You can also use short videos instead of pictures on Instagram, the value of which is basically higher than static pictures. Video is also an excellent way to demonstrate the operation of products or services, especially if the product depicted is a completely new innovation.

Also take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature

Instagram Stories is a feature that allows you to add photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours. You can add, for example, text, place tags, hashtags and emojis on top of pictures and videos. When making stories, you can also use different face filters.

In business Instagram stories, you can take Followers on a behind-the-scenes trip, give them tips, or give them a little glimpse of new upcoming products. People can also be activated using polls created in stories. Stories can also be saved as highlights, in which case they can be found on the company's profile even after that 24 hours.

Links can also be added to Instagram business account stories, allowing visitors to click themselves from the story, for example, directly to your website. This is a particularly handy feature because, for example, it is not possible to add links to Instagram posts. The feature can only be used when the company has more than 10,000 followers. However, anyone can link from the story to their own IGTV video.

IGTV is a video service within Instagram

The IGTV feature was released in June 2018. It's like a video service within Instagram and can be used either directly from the Instagram app or from a separate IGTV app. All Instagram users can create their own IGTV channel to post videos.

IGTV allows you to publish vertical videos longer than Instagram Stories. Videos must be at least 15 seconds long and can be a maximum of 10 minutes. Verified accounts with more than 10,000 followers can post videos up to an hour long.

IGTV allows you to post longer videos without having to redirect users to another channel, such as YouTube. You cannot advertise on IGTV, visibility must always be obtained organically.

Instagram Reels

Reels is Instagram's newest functionality, which is very similar to TikTok, which is especially popular with young people. Reels makes it possible to share 15-second videos made up of several short video clips on an Instagram business account.

Reels can be divided into either the Stories section or the Reels section intended for them. The most significant difference between these is in terms of shelf life. In the Stories section, videos disappear after 24 hours, while in the Reels section, they remain like normal posts until they are deleted. In terms of visibility, the Reels section is generally a better choice.

See which publications are working

Instagram visitor data, like other social media channels, offers a wide range of analytics, for example, about the success of publications and the followers of your profile. The information can be used to evaluate the functionality of the publications and to develop the account's publications to better reflect the interest of the followers. You can view the analytics from the Visitor data button in the profile.


For example, you can view the number of impressions, coverage, recordings, comments and reaction numbers of images and videos. In addition, you can see what has been the most popular publication, for example, on a weekly basis.


From the activities tab, you can get information about the most active days of the week, which can significantly help in planning publications. You can also find information about how many people have visited the profile or clicked on the website link in the profile.

Target group

The target group tab, as the name suggests, tells you information about the followers of your profile. Through it, you get information about, for example, the location, age and gender of the followers.

Note! Instagram is renewing the analytics it offers during the end of 2020, so some may already have the new view in use.


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