Manufacturing Unit of Cosmetics Products Product:- If you want to set up a manufacturing unit for cosmetic products, then first of all you have to choose the cosmetic product, you will have to do market research, so that you will know which category of product is more in the market. After it is sold, you will have to do market research to find out which companies are making that product and what is their price. Before starting cosmetic product manufacturing, work on marketing or dealership of cosmetic products so that you can get Information about this will be received.


With this, your sales market will start getting ready in advance and after starting you will not have much problem in marketing, you will get the accumulated market due to which you will have to do marketing and sales for whatever will be made by you in your manufacturing unit. It will not be required, you will already have a list of dealers, distributors, C&F, etc.


You will have to prepare a project report which you can make starting from marketing to manufacturing. The biggest advantage of marketing is that whenever you set up manufacturing units, you do not have any problem selling the product after making the product. Due to this both your time and money will be saved and you can use that money to increase the quality of your product. According to me, you should start a skin care manufacturer unit of herbal products, which has many benefits and the market is also towards herbal in today's time. Herbal cosmetic products are such products that do not cause any harm to the skin in any way, if they do not benefit, then they do not cause any harm. These are made according to Ayurvedic recognized formulas according to perfection Ayurvedic method, so you are not likely to face any kind of problem in the future.


How much space will be required for manufacturing cosmetic products? 

Depending on the product you choose, how much space you will need for the cosmetic product manufacturing unit, for cosmetic product manufacturing, at least 1000 square feet of space is required so that you can set up your unit easily. And keep the manufactured product safe.


How much does it cost to set up a manufacturing unit for cosmetic products? 

Cosmetic product manufacturing unit can be started from at least ₹ 5 lacks and can be installed between ₹ 1 crore. The cost of the unit depends on your product, which product you are making, and in what quantity it is being made. To know the exact value of the expenditure, you will first have to prepare a project report which can be made through CA, so that you will be able to know the exact expenditure incurred in the unit.


What are the essential things for a cosmetic product manufacturing unit?

  • Space for unique
  • Company registration for the unit and form
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing License for the Unit
  • Factory Act Registration for the unit
  • GST Registration for Unit
  • The technical person working in the unit
  • Machines for units
  • Labor for the unit


Location for the unit :-

Regarding this, in the above point, we have told that the space required for the unit will be according to your product.


Company registration for the unit :-

For the unit, it is mandatory for you to register the company or firm, you can also register it as a Partnership Proprietorship Private Limited Company or Limited Company, so that you will not have any problem in getting further licenses.


Cosmetic Manufacturing License for the Unit :-

For the cosmetic manufacturing unit, you will have to go to your State Drug Control Office and fill and submit a manual form there, a lot of information will be taken from you, about which you will know further what documents are needed to make a cosmetic manufacturing license. It falls


Factory Act Registration for the Unit:-

To set up a cosmetic manufacturing unit, it is mandatory for us to register it under the Factory Act Registration, this is for the industries area.


GST Registration for Unit:-

It is very important to take GST registration for cosmetic manufacturing cosmetic manufacturing units because whenever you sell your manufactured product in the market or in your city or outside the city or in another state, you will need this registration.


The technical person working in the unit :-

To work in a cosmetic manufacturing unit, technical persons are required who have done M Pharma or B Pharma and who have knowledge of cosmetic products, these persons will check the products being made in the factory and send them forward for packing.


Machines for Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit :-

For the cosmetic manufacturing unit, we will need machines according to the product type like what kind of product you want to make like talcum powder lotion cream face pack nail paint, etc.


For this, by looking at the project report prepared by CA, you can get information about which machines you will need for which product and how much production can be done with those machines and how much their maintenance costs, as well as you It will also be known that how many people you will need for the maintenance of those machines and according to the guidelines of the government, what changes should be made in the machines from time to time, you will also know according to the project report.


How many people will be required to work in the cosmetic manufacturing unit?

To work in cosmetic manufacturing, at least we will need two technical people and four to five laborers for lifting and packing the goods, also I want to tell you that it also depends on the plant that you have Which plant is set up a semi-automatic plant or fully automatic plant, you will need more people in the semi-automatic plant and you will need fewer people in the fully automatic plant, apart from the plant, ysemi-automaticou will also need people like people to audit accounts Person for Marketing & Sales Person It can be understood on the basis of following points.


Plant manager

technical person



Marketing & Sales



Security guard


You will need other people after setting up the plant so that you can take the product made by you to the people in the market.


The raw material requirement in the cosmetic manufacturing unit

You have to think about the type of product you want to make in the manufacturing unit, as well as it is very important to collect information about the raw materials used in that product from which that product will be manufactured. You have to prepare and take the license given by the government, as well as you have to take care of the quality of your product so that people like your product in the market and buy it again and again.


Cosmetic Manufacturing Product List :-

making cold cream

making talcum powder

make nail polish remover

sunlight soap making process

bath soap-making process

process of making petroleum jelly

alum construction

making face powder

making aloe vera gel

convent milk making process

thin packing process

Cleansing Cream (Milk) Preparation Process

making fairness cream

Making Hair Dressing Cream

after shaving lotion

Process of making body deodorant spray

process of making bleaching powder

Eyebrow pencil-making process

Shaving Cream Making

Rose Fragrance Making Process

Jasmine's fragrance-making process

Process of making hair fixer (gel)

liquid soap-making process

laundry detergent


Almost all the information about the cosmetic manufacturing unit has been included in this post, but for proper information, first of all, you have to choose the product, so that you will get solid information about all the necessary expenses and essential needs of that product.