If you want to start an online business, you're likely to be hitting up the Shopify Theme Store, where you'll browse and eventually choose your e-commerce theme. The Shopify theme has a ton of unique features that can enhance e-commerce conversions.

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Let's have a look at the 10 best Shopify themes!

There are an array of fantastic Shopify themes available on the market. We've rounded up the best ones for you; now it's time to make the decision:

1. Ella

The first one on the list of the best Shopify themes is "Ella". Developed by the Halothemes team, that makes awesome themes for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. They are the best sellers' items on Themeforest. Since its launch in 2014, the Ella theme has been constantly updated to match the latest release of Shopify. Additionally, it also releases new layouts frequently so users can enjoy loads of creative design options as well as advanced features. Ella theme offers 22+ Homepage and Skin layouts, 9+ stunning shopping pages, 12+ layout options product pages, and multiple headers & footers.

Ella gets a worldwide reputation as a drag-and-drop Shopify theme with incredible UI/ UX and mobile-optimized layout. This Shopify theme offers store owners tons of well-designed and eye-catching templates.

2. Minimal

Minimal is one of the best Shopify free themes for your online store. It has a well-deserved reputation for its user-friendliness and amazing customizability on the backend. Also, Minimal is one of the most popular themes that have a responsive and wide layout, which looks fantastic on devices. In addition, Minimal helps create a product-focus web look, making room for your products to shine.

With a clean and user-friendly interface, Minimal is a great choice for beginners or organizations that want to reduce visual distractions and highlight their products. If you're planning to start a business and need to build your online store with less hassle, the Minimal theme is probably the best bet. 

You can try the Shopify 14-day free trial with Minimal, with the features, images, texts, etc., to create your demo store.

3. Minion

The Minion theme is a great option for you if you want to start a pet store. This Shopify theme can be customized for any type of pet-related online business, including pet shops, kennels, pet food distributors, and more. This pet store Shopify theme helps create a network for pet owners, trainers, and veterinarians to draw in customers and deliver a pleasant user experience. 

You can use this Shopify Theme platform to find pet dogs, kittens, puppies, and other animals. Furthermore, the Minion theme offers five different theme designs. When you select a specific style, the theme will apply the default colour and typography settings.

4. Mysterio

Mysterio is another option that provides fashion-based stores with the tools they require to present their products in the best possible manner. Not only do users benefit from rich layout designs, but they can also create marketing incentives. Besides this, it is one of the most advanced and affordable Shopify themes from Zemez, which you can purchase via ThemeForest.

5. District

A district is an incredible option for one of the best Shopify themes in 2022. If you want to showcase your products and collections, District is a good choice. This theme comes with advanced features that allow you to create a stunning and professional eCommerce website. Best suited for fashion and sports businesses, District offers great designs with many functions to help customers see the details of your products. If you're looking for a new and customizable Shopify theme, don't forget to check out District!

6. Vendy

Vendy helps you create a stylish eCommerce site for selling clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. The sufficient white space allows your brand colours to shine against the elegantly displayed products. Further, it is simple and easy to use, which delivers the user experience. This Shopify theme for fashion is designed to showcase your store with sleek styling and smooth content integration. It offers various pre-made templates for home pages, products, and other pages. 

Vendy highlights your products in the best way possible. Additionally, this Shopify theme is also an easy solution with a ready-to-use minimalistic design on the board. 

7. Roxxe

Roxxe is pretty new, but it's been incredibly well-received. First uploaded in May 2020, it has enjoyed numerous updates, the last of which was in March 2021. As an all-in-one theme, it improves versatile skins and design features to suit any niche. It has a powerful navigation search module that features over 70 pre-designed layouts with ready-made sections. 

Moreover, Roxxe works along with Shopify's Visual Builder to allow you to create as many pages and other web forms as you want. 

8. Responsive

Responsive is a fantastic option for those in search of the best Shopify themes. This website template will be a great choice for store owners who have houseware, home, and garden businesses. With the help of this Shopify theme, you can showcase how your products fit the shoppers' house space. Responsive is a product of Out of the Sandbox, a third-party Shopify theme. It is a technically robust and flexible Shopify theme that looks sharp across devices. What's more? Responsive high customizability lets you create changes to the layout, typography, and featured promotions.

9. Testament

Another premium name in the list of best Shopify themes is testament. Developed and supported by We Are Underground, one of the top 5 theme developers, it has gained a great reputation. Until now, Testament has powered more than 9.300 Shopify websites. This theme prides itself as the best Shopify theme for different industries due to its awesome customization ability. However, the Testament most suits the health and beauty businesses. The customers in these industries usually want to determine how your products elevate their looks and health. And this is what the Testament has you covered!

10. Icon

When you're looking for the best Shopify theme, Icon has achieved the awards to prove its features. It is wonderful for visually striking brands with image-focused content. Therefore, this Shopify theme is best for those who are running art and photography businesses. Like Testament, Icon is also a product of We Are Underground. However, this theme has its own excellent features that hold the key to its undeniable reputation. 

Final Words

To conclude, choosing the best Shopify theme from the start is important. Evaluate your needs and try out different themes to help make an informed decision. Whether you're just starting out or considering switching themes, finding the one that fits your objectives will help your website outshine competitors. 

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