20 Times Kids Demonstrated Incredible Kindness With These Wholesome Acts (New Pics)

Children are indeed gifts from God to families. However, you may think their ideas and beliefs are immature, innocent, and far from the real world therefore not worthy of attention and more often their ideas and opinions are marked as childish.

However, in reality, they are just honest creative, and thinks in a more positive way than adults do.

And with that note here goes a compilation of a wholesome list of the most heart-touching moments and acts by children which definitely shows that kids have positive thoughts towards life.

1. Should we call these three boys heroes?

Image credit: _SJPeace_

These three kids, Devonte, 13, Shawn, 12, and Sammy, 14 once saved a man from jumping off the bridge. They did it by trying to keep the man away from the edge and spoke to him. And ultimately grabbed to not let him go.

2. The world needs to learn from kids

Image credit: zakiamon

When Kare found a girl wearing almost the same outfit as her, she excitedly showed it to her dad, by saying, “Daddy I have a twin!”

3. They are definitely going to be best buddies

Image credit: courtney.millermoore,courtney.millermoore

When Christian saw his classmate weeping in the corner, he went to comfort him by holding his hand and taking him inside the school.

4. Two generous soul

Image credit: Imamofpeace

Two poor boys on the street with great hearts bandage an wounded puppy.

5. Matching outfit with best friend

Image credit: GreyGap

This three-year-old boy wears a matching shirt with his best friend so that people wouldn’t be able to tell him and his best friend that they are different.

6. Offering a bottle of water to the policeman

Image credit: Bishop M. Cromartie

This boy went outside during a hot day in Baltimore to offer water to the policeman on duty.

7. The beautiful bond between a nanny and a kid

Image credit: Becky Helton Chapman

When Rachel’s senior prom was canceled. Curtis, whom she had taken care of for more than a year, throw a prom for her.

8. An 11-year-old kid makes art kits

Image credit: chelseascharity,chelseascharity

Chelsea, 8, makes art kits for children who may not have access to art supplies. The idea is to make them learn about expressing themselves through art.

9. This boy learned to crochet by himself and is now able to master it.

Image credit: Ronceri

By watching YouTube tutorials, Jonah managed to learn crochet sooner than expected and partnered with non-profit organizations to support Ethiopian children and families.

10. A beautiful story

Image credit: Darrien Arnold

This kid used to visit an elderly grandma every day at least 4 to 5 times. When asked why, he said, to make sure she woke up from all her naps.

When she leave this world, her daughter shared this beautiful story online.

11. Emotional reunion when their parents arranged a playdate

Image credit: Oops_iPoops

They hadn’t met each other after their daycare closed. When it was time to leave, they just hugged each other for a moment.

12. For twin day, he chose him because he thinks they look exactly the same

Image credit: Britney Tankersley

If one could look at the world like these boys do, the world would be such a better place to live.

13. Making a beautiful bow tie for cats and dogs

Image credit: sirdariusbrown

This 12-year-old kid from New Jersey makes amazing bow ties for cats and dogs so that they look attracted and get home.

14. This young kid began to look after his elderly neighbors.

Image credit: super_monero

This 15-year-old young kid started to visit his elderly neighbors regularly before leaving for school just to make sure if they needed anything from the market.

15. They Hadn’t Seen Each Other Since Daycare Closed, Their Parents Arranged A Playdate. When It Was Time To Leave:


16.Our Kindergarten Students Learned Today How To Sign Happy Birthday For Mr. James’ Birthday. He Was So Surprised

Image credit: Hickerson Elementary

17.Little Boy Gave His Seat To A Lady Who Entered The Train With A Baby & Stroller. Then As He Is Standing, His Mom Falls Asleep With Her Head On The Bare Railing

Image credit: Report

18.My Son Saw Elderly Neighbor Walking In The Rainstorm Without An Umbrella. And Walked Him All The Way Home. Wearing My Jacket And My Slippers. I Love This Boy Yall.

Image credit: 1bizzylizzy

19. My Sons 4-Year-Old, Adopted From Foster Care Insist They Are Twins

Image credit: suziefl

20. She Is Sophia. She Used Her Birthday Money To Buy Toys For The Cats & Dogs At The Animal Shelter

Image credit: shittymorph


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